‘Sister Wives:’ Meri Brown Stumps Fans – What’s Odd About Her in New Pic?

Sister Wives star Meri Brown posted a new photo online with a riddle-like dare for fans to spot what’s out of the norm for her in the pic. Within a few hours thousands “Liked” the photo and many people posted their guess in the comment section. As you can see in the picture below, Meri is wearing a sweatshirt that proudly displays the letters “USA”. Also, the Sister Wives matriarch is in a pair of an ordinary of jeans.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Puzzles Fans with ‘Rarity’

So it looks like there’s nothing off-kilter about this Sister Wives outfit. Kody Brown’s wife, Meri, casually dressed in clothes that are very up-to-date. The outfit Meri Brown has on in this picture is similar to what many other women wear around the house, to the mall, or to the grocery store. There’s nothing screaming at you when you take a gander at Meri Brown’s latest post. What is Meri talking about? Better yet – what is Meri attempting to show her fans that is “a rarity”?

Meri Brown said in the post it’s not the USA that is rare for her because she is all about this great country. Some Sister Wives fans went about Meri Brown’s puzzle-like question using deductive reasoning. On her Instagram page, Meri is often seen wearing jeans. So it’s not the jeans she challenges her fans to spot.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown

Meri’s Rare Occurrence Hard to Pin Down?

She hasn’t changed her hairstyle when comparing it to the other pictures she posted online. She hasn’t even parted her hair on the other side, so all is the same from the neck up. One thing does jump out for a few fans. They suggested that Meri Brown is wearing sneakers. Looking back through this Sister Wives spouse’s previous photos she seems to wear shoes, boots, sandals but she doesn’t appear to be a fan of sneaker-wearing.

Also, it seems Meri Brown tends to wear shoes with heels more often than not, again going by what she’s previously posted online. Also on the Sister Wives show, she’s usually seen with shoes, rather than sneakers. But it’s still unknown what is so rare about Meri in this photo. Maybe it is that she’s wearing sneakers.

It looks like Meri Brown took this picture while in Chicago. She put a few hashtags on the post and one of them said “random wall in Chicago.” Apparently Meri Brown was visiting her daughter Mariah Brown who lives in the windy city.

Sister Wives: A Guessing Game

Mariah and her fiancee’ Audrey Kriss live Chicago so the girls were probably taking mom on a walking tour around the city. That would certainly explain wearing sneakers. But Sister Wives‘ fans can surmise all they want as Meri Brown’s riddle doesn’t have the answer posted. She did say that all of those folks out there who know her well would know right away what she’s talking about. Maybe she meant her friends rather than the Sister Wives viewers.

It looks like the Sister Wives Season 14 is filming right now as reports of camera crews around Kody Brown’s family just started to come in. People in Flagstaff kept a watchful eye out for the cameras to emerge but that didn’t happen. It seems TLC pulled a fast one throwing people off guard. It looks like Kody Bown and his four wives visited Chicago over the Memorial Day weekend. That’s when folks spotted Kody with Sister Wives cameras in tow. So it seems they started filming while visiting Mariah and Audrey.

While there’s no word from TLC regarding an official announcement of a new season yet, that’s nothing new. Usually, the first indication of another season on the way is when people spot the camera crews around the family. Local media in Chicago reported on this recently – the Sister Wives brood came with cameras!

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