‘Sister Wives’: Meri Brown Claps Back at Morbid Comments

Sister Wives star Meri Brown discovers that a new line of thinking among some fans is “just morbid” when it comes to the comments about her recent online post. It seems the matriarch of the Sister Wives clan is in Disneyland. But she took the time out today question what’s on the mind of some of her followers.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Finds This Just Morbid

Kody Brown’s wife, Meri, posted a picture of herself (seen below) attempting to throw an ax at a bullseye. Suddenly comments flooded in. Some Sister Wives followers thought that Meri Brown was using this activity to get out her frustrations. Her caption sounded a bit mysterious. Meri wrote, “Just a little ax throwing, because hey, why not?? This may have to be a new little hobby, I quite enjoyed it….”

Meri Brown never said where she was or who she was with at the time. A picture of her daughter, Mariah Brown, emerged on her Instagram page. Since she too had an ax in front of the same bullseye target it looked like she joined her mom. This Sister Wives mom posted a photo of herself with Mariah and her fiancee’, Audrey Kriss. Meri didn’t offer this up but a little deductive reasoning seems to indicate this trio went to this place together.


Sister Wives: Meri Brown - Mariah Brown

Meri’s Ax Throwing Act

When Sister Wives fans saw Meri standing in front of that target and ready to toss an ax they had a few things to say. Some comments were in a joking manner while others hit Meri in a not so funny way. Apparently, a few comments suggested Meri had someone in mind while getting ready to whip that ax at the target. But it doesn’t look that. Not according to Meri’s tweet anyway. She wanted to know why some people assumed she was thinking of someone when throwing that ax. Meri then said, “Ugh that’s just morbid, people!”

Once Meri Brown got that off her chest it sounded like she was feeling a bit friendly. After the Sister Wives matriarch shared how she was in Disneyland, she threw out an invite. She beckoned people to come up and say hi to her if they happen to see her there. Then the mom of one shared in another post about leaving the car lights on all night. And… how it will drain your battery. She then posted a pic of one of those battery jumper devices which looked as if it was sitting on the car seat.

Sister Wives: All In a Day’s Work?

So Meri’s latest tweets and Instagram posts seem to indicate she’s in Disneyland with Mariah and Audrey. They also see to suggest that she found it a bit uneasy to take in some of the fans’ comments. The first spouse of the Sister Wives family wondered why folks thought she might have someone in mind when chucking an ax. Then she seemed to hint that her car battery went dead after she left the car lights on through the night as she slept in a hotel. It looks like Meri Brown has been one busy Sister Wives spouse lately.

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