‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Tell Tale Signs – Reverting To Younger Days?

Sister Wives star Kody Brown is said to be acting pretty frisky these days despite reports putting him in turmoil at home with his spouses. One report had Kody Brown doing a little dance on the way out of the gym recently. Since moving his Sister Wives brood to Flagstaff he appears to have a new look and attitude to go along with the move. But in contrast to his public persona, reports put his homelife surrounded by angst when it comes to his four wives.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Sprucing Up?

The pictures posted online show a friskier Kody Brown. He’s looking a bit differently than the man who herded his family out to Flagstaff. Reports put his Sister Wives spouses a bit perturbed over their shared husband. It seems he’s not making the rounds among his wives as much as he used to. But it also looks like Kody is just as disenchanted about his home life as his wives are today. Or at least that’s what fans read into his recent online posts.

But when it comes to other things besides his wives, fans see him looking rather happy and almost playful. It also appears as if a 50-year-old Kody Brown demonstrated his strength recently for his son, Robert Garrison Brown. A pic Garrison posted online has Kody seemingly showing that he’s still young enough to shoulder his son’s weight.

Since moving to Flagstaff Kody’s appearance and behaviors seemed to have changed according to reports from onlookers. He’s paying much more attention to his appearance. But there is one thing Sister Wives followers are still offering suggestions about – his hair! People still beg him to cut that tousled-looking mane of hair.

Diffusing the Situation

It seems Kody Brown’s hair is still something some Sister Wives fans would like to see tamed. In the last season, fans got a look at Kody’s daily ritual when it came to his hair. He still lived in Vegas at the time and he was getting ready to head to Flagstaff with his brother and friends.

They were going to get a look at Kody’s secret blueprints for a big house. The two men waited for Kody for quite some time as he blew-dry his hair using a diffuser. They joked about the Sister Wives husband’s hairstyling ritual on the way out of the house. So Kody’s always taken special care of himself but he’s doing something different today from what onlookers and passersby have reported.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown - Robert Garrison Brown

Sister Wives: Inside and Outside the Brown Clan

At one point recently he was alone in the gym parking lot. It looks like he got a notion to do a little dance. One fan described how this star of Sister Wives got the footwork going. An onlooker caught a pic of his fancy moves and also added a few observations as well.

As the Sister Wives patriarch did that little dance in the parking lot he reportedly scoped the area to see if anyone caught his moves. While Kody worked out in the gym, the person who captured him in his dancing pics also said the gym is full of young women as well.

Good Old Days Revisited?

Papa Brown hit the gym one day where he met up with two of his older sons. It looks like he’s enjoying the young-adult set these days. With a number of his Sister Wives kids becoming adults, maybe it’s reminding him of his earlier years.

For whatever the reason, it seems Kody Brown is feeling his oats these days while out and about. But that seems in contrast to reports about his life at home. Recent reports put him at odds with his Sister Wives women so maybe he’s gearing himself up for a change of scene.

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