‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Runs a Company – That’s How He Makes a Living?

Sister Wives star Kody Brown seems to always be at home when the cameras roll both day and night, but records indicate he’s actively running a business. This business is his alone. It appears separate from any of his wives’ endeavors. But keeping a business afloat entails more than what fans get to see him do on the show. He spends a good deal of time flitting from house to house solving family problems.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown CEO of His Own Business?

Fans of Sister Wives have seen traces of Meri Brown’s Lularoe home business. Through this season the cameras panned across some of her clothing line items she keeps at her house. Since Kody Brown appears to be always around, maybe he works his business online from home.

But have any of the fans seen the patriarch at a computer? He certainly has the family CEO gig down pat. There’s been enough family meeting to see he knows how to direct his family.

Kody’s Business Registered as ‘Still Active’

According to the latest reports, Kody owns and operates Kody Brown Family Entertainment LLC. The Nevada based business is registered as “still active.” Considering Sister Wives is the only form of entertainment Kody is known for, this may have something to do with the reality show on TLC.

If he had a side gig of doing magic or dressing up as a clown for kids’ birthday parties, fans would know about it by now. In this business, it looks like his family might be considered employees since it’s registered as “Kody Brown Family.”

How Do the Sister Wives Do It?

All the Sister Wives spouses all have their own businesses. However, some fans find it hard to imagine that they make enough for them to support the family. Both Meri and Christine Brown sell Lularoe clothing, and Robyn Brown has her online shop – My Sisterwives Closet.

Janelle Brown’s online business with Janelle, Strive, sells items centered on community wellness. Then, of course, there’s Lizzie’s Heritage Inn, which is Meri’s bed and breakfast in Utah. But that is hers and hers alone, which she made clear on the most recent Sister Wives episodes.


Champagne Living on a Beer Budget?

Kody Brown and his four wives support four households. Fans know that Kody Brown and his wives live in homes that look high-end. At the very least they’re upper-middle-class houses. Just a street shot from outside their houses looks like a car lot with the many newer vehicles they own. So, it seems as if this family is living large with the big weddings costing tens of thousands of dollars, kids in college, and vacations.

Originally the adults in the Sister Wives clan worked their way up on the show to where they each made $180,000 per season. Reports indicate a salary cut left them with one salary of $180,000 to split between all five adults. This major price-slash was negotiated by Kody Brown back when TLC intended to cancel the show a few seasons back. It is not known what their salary is today.

Sister Wives Money Grows on Trees?

A new report indicates the family owes taxes on their Flagstaff properties. So it looks like they might have money woes today. With no word yet on another Sister Wives season in the works, this has to be a major stress factor for Kody Brown and his four spouses.

Does this mean if Sister Wives goes belly up after this season ends, so does Kody’s LLC? It would appear there’s a lot riding on TLC renewing Sister Wives for the Brown clan.

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