‘Sister Wives’: Meri and Kody Brown Alone When Police Show Up in New Season

Sister Wives stars Kody Brown and Meri Brown unite in a rare scene as the police show up at Meri’s Flagstaff home in the new season. The TLC promo video offers clips from Season 14 where the move to Flagstaff seems to start off with a punch below the belt for Kody and Meri Brown.

It looks like the Sister Wives tribe gets more than they bargained for with moving problems. It seems Kody Brown’s vision of open arms in Flagstaff didn’t include Meri Brown’s new neighbors.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown’s Wife Meri Brown Scorned and Driven Away?

Yes, it looks like Meri Brown is the Sister Wives spouse who the neighbors drive away. But first, she gets a visit from the Flagstaff Police.

The newest preview out for the Sister Wives Season 14 might confuse fans. It looks like TLC in the UK grouped some of the seasons together making this new season, Season 9 in the UK.

But it is the preview to what fans will see when the new season rolls out in a few weeks. In the US they call it Season 14.

A new extended preview from TLC on TV offers some scenes with Kody Brown’s family that take place during the earlier days of the Sister Wives show. One, in particular, is when Robyn explains how the police came to investigate their polygamous marriage.

This is when Kody Brown packed up the family and left Utah in the middle of the night. They landed in Vegas where the majority of the Sister Wives series was filmed.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown - Flagstaff House

A Little PTSD From Utah Days?

At the time, the law involved with their family over polygamy brought fear. All four of Kody Brown’s wives were frightened as well as the Sister Wives patriarch himself.

While living in Vegas the family that makes up the Sister Wives never had to look over their shoulders. The city government in Vegas, as well as the people of that city, didn’t care that Kody Brown had four wives and 18 kids. They had the freedom of coming out in the open with their polygamous lifestyle in Sin City.

Kody Brown pretty much convinced his wives that they’d find the same acceptance of their family in Flagstaff. But not even 24-hours into their move, the police visit Meri’s home after neighbors lodge a complaint.

It seemed to bring back those bad Sister Wives Utah memories for Meri Brown. Back when the law breathed down their neck in Utah.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Flagstaff House

Sister Wives: Flagstaff Police Answer Complaint?

While the details of this police visit remain unclear, Meri tells the other Sister Wives some scary news in another scene. Apparently Meri Brown learned that a neighbor did not want a polygamous wife living near them.

Meri was furious as they unpacked her things out of the truck and the neighbors came out to watch. She didn’t feel welcome when first landing at her new rental in Flagstaff during their initial move.

The Sister Wives matriarch did eventually move from that rental home. Then the TLC previews stated one of the Sister Wives women was driven from her home by neighbors. While Meri’s name was not mentioned, this latest clip seems to indicate it was Meri Brown whose neighbors caused her to move.

Kody Brown Thinks It’s Nothing a Little Friendship Won’t Fix?

Meri tells her Sister Wives family the next day that while she and Kody locked down the truck at her house the police showed up. The couple was alone at the time.

She also told them the neighbors didn’t want a polygamous wife living nearby. Janelle looked really concerned and threw out the question asking what they got themselves into with their move.

Kody Brown looked like he wanted to shy away from the topic while all five spouses sat on the couch talking. He said they have to make friends with people. It looks like not everyone welcomes the polygamy lifestyle. Kody Brown first suggested it wouldn’t be a problem.  He used this as a selling point to his wives to get them to move.

So it looks like the four wives felt duped by their Sister Wives shared-husband, according to fans’ comments online. Kody got them to Flagstaff and the first visit Meri Brown gets at her new home is from the Flagstaff police.

It looks like a neighbor wanted them investigated as polygamists. Kody’s was way off with his painted a welcome wagon-type scene for his family. This seems far from it.

Sister Wives Season 14 begins on Sunday night, January 5, 2020, so tune in to TLC and catch the premiere.

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