‘Sister Wives’: Meri Brown Mourns Loss of Kody Brown Relationship in New Season?

Sister Wives star Meri Brown continues to post inspirational messages which some fans think described her leaving Kody Brown. Fans also believe Meri initiated this assumed move away from Kody Brown.

But now with the release of the new Sister Wives upcoming Season 14 preview, things seem to change. Fans might see something else in Meri Brown’s messages today.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Messages Not What Fans First Thought?

Since the last season of Sister Wives ended, Kody’s wife Meri Brown has been very active on social media and has posted many messages. Meri’s followers often described them as cryptic. That’s because while the messages seem to describe a new direction in life, Meri Brown never says they’re about her.

The first wife of Kody Brown paints a set of life circumstances with these messages. So while it sounds like she’s ready to leave Kody to many of the fans, she never actually inserts herself into those messages.

Meri Brown never mentions her Sister Wives’ spouses by name in these messages. But fans believe she’s talking about Kody Brown as well as the other three co-wives in her daily cryptic-like posted thoughts.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown


Dating Doesn’t Pan Out for Kody Brown?

The messages include thoughts about moving on, making your own way in life, being your own person, severing ties, and being true to yourself. But after last season’s final “Tell All” episode, Kody Brown and Meri Brown sounded as if their relationship was on the mend.

Jump ahead to the new season clip of Sister Wives for a major update. This is where Meri Brown tells the therapist with Kody Brown present that he refuses to work on their marriage. Kody agrees that’s the case.

It sounds as if this stems back to Meri looking for love online and her catfish scandal. Kody Brown claims Meri still sees herself as a victim and he thinks she should own up to having some fault in this.

Many Sister Wives fans online think Kody also owns a part in this as well. If Meri Brown was getting the attention she needed from her husband at home, she wouldn’t have turned to the online world for companionship.

It’s also safe to say it’s old news and it’s more than played out for the majority of the Sister Wives followers.

Sister Wives: Cryptic Messages Mourning Loss of Relationship?

The shared-husband from Sister Wives show sounds as if he’s ready to sever his relationship with Meri Brown. So her online messages seem to take on a new meaning.

So maybe Meri wasn’t sharing words of courage as she gets ready to fly the coop to her independence. Instead, she might be attempting to gather the strength to get through what sounds like a breakup.

Sadly, Meri Brown made it clear in the Sister Wives preview that she wanted to work on her relationship with Kody Brown. But the husband of four shot her right down.

Looking back on Meri’s messages online since the last season ended, they could be taken either way. At one point she posted a blurb about people severing relationships. Did she have Kody and his other three wives in mind?

Maybe Meri didn’t plan to go in this direction, as fans first thought. Instead, maybe the first wife of the Sister Wives was sad about the loss.

The New season 14 of TLC’s Sister Wives Season begins Sunday, January 5th.

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