‘Sister Wives’: Meri Brown ‘Brave But Bruised’ – Officially Lists ‘Unmarried’ Status?

Sister Wives star Meri Brown seems to be saying she’s emotionally bruised but she’s brave and moving on despite tough times. Kody Brown‘s wife posted a quote on her social media accounts after Sunday night’s show. Meri didn’t fare well in the last episode despite the week before it was looking like she made headway with Kody Brown.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Now Listed as ‘Unmarried’

Another bombshell emerged today. It seems Meri Brown considers herself not married. On the warranty deed to Lizzie’s Heritage Inn, Meri Brown is listed as an “unmarried woman.” It looks as if a lot transpired since the this latest Sister Wives season filmed. Despite not legally married to Kody Brown anymore, Meri still called herself his wife – so what happened?

Apparently Meri Brown shared how she’s feeling lately with a quote she posted on social media. She used a quote that came from The Greatest Showman on a few of her online sites. She posted – “I am brave, I am bruised, I am who I’m meant to be. This is me.”

First Wive of Kody Brown Emotionally Bruised?

While this is a real-time quote, it may be in response to the way she was feeling after watching the last episode. The Sister Wives episode filmed months ago but it aired for the first time Sunday night.

It’s hard to decipher just what’s going on with Kody Brown and his Sister Wives brood after TLC edits the show. Fans only get to see what they want you to see.

Flies Out the Window at Cottonwood

Meri spent a few days with Kody alone searching for property in Flagstaff. The two fell in love with four building lots in Cottonwood. Robyn and Christine had previously seen Coyote Pass, a place they loved. But it’s a place one of the Sister Wives co-stars wasn’t crazy about – Meri Brown.

After Kody Brown shuffled all four wives and about a dozen or so kids out to Flagstaff to look at the property, Meri’s choice lost out. The other three wives voted on Cottonwood and Kody went with a majority rule.

Robyn Brown Feared the Trees

Still, an undercurrent of Meri not included seemed to emerge when viewing the properties. It was odd that she liked the trees at Cottonwood, which was the selling point on that property for her. Yet Robyn spoke into the camera explaining how she feared to live within a tree-saturated area.

It seems she grew up in a wooded area prone to wildfires. Robyn said to the camera how she remembers needing to evacuate the family’s home when a fire headed their way. So the trees that Meri found so appealing just happened to act as a bone of contention with Robyn. It spiked fear in this Sister Wives spouse about a potential fire.

Something’s Up With Kody and Meri?

Something didn’t seem quite right in the family interaction when it came to Meri on the latest SW episode. So this status of an “unmarried woman” might reflect where she is today. Or – maybe because it’s a legal document of a deed, she stayed within the guidelines of the law about marriage. She’s not legally married so maybe she felt this was the truthful way to sign.

Either way, there was no disguising a problem between Meri and Kody Brown, along with his four Sister Wives spouses.

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