‘Sister Wives’: Meri Brown Hints To Decision That Will Change Her Life?

Sister Wives star Meri Brown did something unusual this week and it looks like she might be hinting to her motives in her latest online post. It seems Meri Brown didn’t say too much to put a halt to the chatter online over the past several months. So fans ran with what they saw in Meri Brown’s pictures.

That chatter came from the fans of the Sister Wives celeb. These followers assumed her lifestyle was based on what Meri Brown posted on her social media sites. Kody Brown’s first wife seemed as if she was on a solo ride and loving it.

Sister Wives: Is Meri Brown In or Out – Maybe Some Place In Between?

Since the close of the last Sister Wives season, Meri Brown’s online sites seem to indicate she became a solo act. It appears she sculpted that look for herself. But her Sister Wives fans just want to know where she is in life today.

Especially after new photos suddenly show her in the bosom of the Brown plural marriage once again. One of Christine Brown’s posts seems to indicate that the five members of this plural marriage are traveling together.

The hashtags put Meri and her Sister Wives co-wives in Dallas. Then Kody suddenly pops in for a dinner photo. This leaves fans believing he too is along for this trip.

Is the matriarch of the Sister Wives series still with Kody Brown? What about her relationship with Janelle Brown, Christine Brown, and Robyn Brown. Is she still part of the Sister Wives nontraditional family or did she venture out on her own?

Is she living within this plural marriage or did these people remain friends? The dinner could indicate the Sister Wives matriarch treats her co-wives and Kody Brown like friends and close relatives today? For months Meri Brown appeared in posts alone. She didn’t offer so much as a tidbit about Kody Brown or her co-wives.

Then suddenly this week Meri appears in photos with all the other Sister Wives spouses, including Papa Brown. So for many fans, it’s confusing, to say the least.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown - Kody Brown - Christine Brown - Robyn Brown - Janelle Brown


Assumption Festers – Thanks to Open-Ended Messages

Many fans thought Meri paved the way for herself to live and work independently from her Sister Wives brood. She does get a ton of applause each time it looks as if this first wife of Kody Brown moved a bit further away from her Sister Wives family.

She wasn’t treated very nicely in the last season of the Sister Wives so fans want to see Meri happy. But if she ventured out alone or decided to stay with the Sister Wives members, most of her fans will still be there for her.

Meri Brown collected some die-hard fans through the years. They’re going to love her whether or not she strikes out on her own or if she stays with Kody Brown. The latest pictures, which appear on Christine Brown’s social media site, seem to indicate Meri is back in the Sister Wives fold.

But today she posted a photo of herself, alone, just like she’s consistently done over the last several months. But this time she talks about making decisions that could change your life.

As veteran Sister Wives enthusiasts know, Meri, considered staying behind in Vegas for a while when the family moved to Flagstaff. The family bucked Meri’s idea. So it didn’t happen as she made the big push with the rest of the tribe. You can see that discussion from last season below in the video.

Sister Wives: Life-Changing Decision?

On the post shared online by Meri today, she left another cryptic-like message. She writes, “Your life comes down to your decisions, if you change your decisions, you’ll change your life”. This message seems a bit coincidental coming on the heels of Meri Brown suddenly appearing in photos with her family after months of appearing solo.

Since Meri’s message appears open-ended, fans can assume one of two things. Meri made the decision to stay with her family or she’s made the decision not to.  But once again without details, only assumptions pop up and fans run with their own theories.

So is Meri confirming what the family photos seem to suggest today? That she’s back in with Kody Brown and her co-wives? Or maybe she never left but posted the solo photos as an illusion that she did.

Could it be Meri readies her fans for her jump-off point from the family by the photos of her traveling alone? But most of all, it does sound as if she’s got a decision to make. It also sounds as if that decision could be life-altering. So what’s really up with Meri Brown these days?

TLC rolls out Sister Wives Season 14 on Wednesday, January 5, 2020.

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