‘Sister Wives’: Will Meri Brown’s Haunting Be Her Next Money Maker?

Sister Wives star Meri Brown has come into her own with her business ventures in recent years and it looks like she’s just getting started. The first wife of Kody Brown still reports she’s with the Sister Wives family, but you might not know it if you went by her social media posts.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown – Gangbusters in Business World

The matriarch of the Sister Wives family, Meri Brown, is looking very independent of the family these days. She’s also looking very business oriented as well. She’s a star salesperson when it comes to the LuLaRue line of clothes she sells. Then her bed and breakfast venture took off running from the first day she opened it for guests.

Lizzie’s Heritage Inn just won its second award for the Best Country Inn in Utah. The award comes from the publication Official Best of Utah. This means for the two years, 2018 and 2019 that Lizzie’s been open, Meri has made sure her guests had a top-notch stay.

So it looks like this Sister Wives celeb puts her all into her business ventures. For each of her businesses, Meri Brown did some kicking advertising but mostly on her own. For her LuLaRoe sales, Meri models a lot of her own clothes. So what so special about that? Well, Meri isn’t a tall skinny model with legs that reach to her shoulders. She has the shape of the average woman today.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown

Just the Average Woman in LuLaRoe Clothes

That’s what makes her clothes so appealing to the people who purchase her line. The first wife of the Sister Wives tribe posts photos of herself almost daily in one of the many outfits she has to sell. It certainly helps when her almost 40K in followers get a look at what she’s wearing.

Meri Brown incorporated the LuLaRoe fashions into her daily life and it seems to work for her when it comes to sales. Then when it comes to Lizzie’s, Meri also shares what her bed and breakfast offers up to guests. The different meals and snacks show up on both Lizzie’s and Meri’s own Instagram pages.

The different guest rooms at Lizzie’s also get great publicity online from Meri. Not only does this  Sister Wives personality seem very professional by the way she runs her businesses but she also has a knack for advertising as well. So will Meri jump on the ghost at Lizzie’s to beef up the fall bookings?

Sister Wives: A Haunting at Lizzie’s?

Meri Brown mentioned a few times that there’s a ghost at Lizzie’s heritage in. She says there are reports of people seeing this ghost. She mentioned the sightings seem to be concentrated in one of the bedrooms.

Not too long ago the Sister Wives matriarch brought up ghosts again. She posted a video clip of her dog Mosby barking like crazy at the front door window. Meri said she was glad the dog was looking out the window at the time he kept barking. If he wasn’t she would think he was barking at ghosts.

Now October is here and it’s the month that highlights ghosts and hauntings due to Halloween on the 31. So, will Meri Brown use the ghost reports from Lizzie’s Heritage Inn to drum up a few adventurous souls for a stay at her establishment? Or is the Sister Wives entrepreneur doing just fine without the ghost angle?

Then again, the popularity of Meri Brown and Lizzie’s B&B might already have the place overwhelming with bookings. But if the inn needed a little help, ghost enthusiasts from all over would love to sleep in a haunted bedroom for a night or two.

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