‘Sister Wives’: Meri Brown’s News Kicks Up Old Dust in Kody Brown’s Face?

Sister Wives star Meri Brown does a happy dance once again but at the same time, Kody Brown’s words seem to come back to bite him. The man with four wives, Kody Brown didn’t think his first wife had it in her. But she proved the man who leads the Sister Wives tribe wrong.

Veteran fans of the TLC show remember how Kody presented roadblocks for Meri Brown. He didn’t seem to work with her as she attempted to secure the property for her bed and breakfast venture. Well, a few years have gone by since then. Today it looks as if Meri ran circles around Kody’s negative predictions.

The Sister Wives matriarch’s B&B, Lizzie’s Heritage Inn, won yet another award. For the second consecutive year since it opened, Lizzie’s is an award-winning establishment. The Inn received the Best Country Inn award for 2019 by Utah’s Best Publication.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Paints Vision for Meri Brown

Meri Brown reaps success today. But it’s a far cry from Kody Brown’s original negative vision regarding the bed and breakfast. When Meri first presented her plans, enthusiasm was at a minimum from the Sister Wives adults.

Meri Brown put her presentation on the table while the Sister Wives clan still lived in Vegas. Kody and the other three women he married weren’t overwhelming supportive. They snapped off plenty of reasons to stop Meri in her tracks. Like Christine who went on and one about a business plan.

At first, a reluctant Kody claimed he wanted to help. He even seemed to find a way to lend Meri the downpayment she needed. It was to come from a project Kody just wrapped up. The money he borrowed from family funds for that project would now go to Meri. Or so Kody suggested.

They also expected her to pay it back. That was all Meri wanted in the first place, a loan. But then suddenly that money was needed for the four households the Sister Wives call home.

A defeated-looking Meri left the room in tears on several occasions back then. But finally, she entered the room with good news. This occurred during one of the last times the Sister Wives spouses held a meeting on the subject. Meri secured the bed and breakfast all on her own. She got the bank to accept a smaller down payment when approving her mortgage.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown


Noses Out of Joint?

Kody looked a bit bedazzled at Meri’s news. The other three wives shared the words one might expect when congratulations are in order. But one, maybe even two of the other wives didn’t seem all that convincing at the time. Or at least that’s what some of the Sister Wives enthusiasts suggested back then.

Maybe a bit of jealousy stirred, as Meri Brown did this on her own. It seems she was the only wife who didn’t tie her business in with the Sister Wives family dealings. She was about to become an independent entrepreneur. That didn’t seem to go over very well in a family where they pool all their earnings.

But Sister Wives followers hopped online to defend Meri. They pointed out how this mom of one already did her duty. She also contributed to the college education of all the older Sister Wives kids.

This mom of one also contributed to the several elaborate Brown weddings. When the older daughters born within this plural marriage tied the knot, they used the family finances. That became evident as Kody sat in on the planning of the events.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown

Sister Wives: Where Do Meri’s Responsibilities End?

The Sister Wives viewers hopped online to debate where Meri’s responsibilities should start and end. They suggested that Meri Brown didn’t seem to need an elaborate home. Her spending is unlike Robyn Brown.

The recent home purchased by Kody Brown for his fourth wife, Robyn Brown screams luxury. The home the Sister Wives patriarch purchased last month for Robyn came with a price tag just under a million dollars.

But even before that, Robyn’s rental home was worth about the same amount. It offered the youngest Sister Wives mom the living space and luxuries usually reserved for someone of wealth. Not Meri Brown, she rented a modest home. She spent much less per month than her co-spouse.

The same went for Janelle Brown’s rental home and the house Christine purchased. Both were more economical to run than Robyn’s choice.

So when it came time for Meri’s bed and breakfast there seemed to be a few noses out of joint. Especially when learning it wasn’t going to be a family venture. Running the business wasn’t up to the Sister Wives family. The board the adults formed for discussing business ventures didn’t have a hand in this.

Sweet Revenge-Like Awards?

Kody didn’t think the first wife of the Sister Wives had it in her. He thought she wouldn’t make the money she needed to keep Lizzie’s Heritage Inn out of the red. Meri’s mom moved into the inn full-time so an onsite manager would be there.

Kody had a problem with Meri Brown’s mom taking up one of the rooms she could rent out to guests. But Meri basically didn’t care that Kody thought it was a bad idea.

Now jump ahead a few years and Meri has Lizzie’s up and running like a fine-tuned instrument. But to top it off, she’s won awards in 2018 and 2019 for her hard work and perseverance. If anyone ever had a right to say “I told you so,” Meri would probably fall under that category.

So while Meri Brown does her happy dance, it looks like she kicks up just a little bit of proverbial dust in Kody’s face. While she’s too nice to ever say it, Meri told them so. Today again it looks like the success of Lizzie’s Heritage Inn came back to bite her Sister Wives naysayers.

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