‘Sister Wives’ Spoilers: Meri Brown Has a Ghost – Bed and Breakfast Haunted?

Sister Wives spoilers tease Meri Brown may have a ghost and her B&B could be a haunted house. The good news is that it’s a female, not a male ghost. The last thing she wants is someone’s husband haunting her – Kody Brown is quite enough.

Visitors to Lizzie’s Heritage Inn report encounters with this female spirit in one particular room of Meri Brown’s B&B. Yet the reality star has yet to have one of these ghostly encounters of her own.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Owns Haunted House?

On the next SW episode, “Kody Wants Out”, Meri talks about the ghost in the upstairs bedroom of the inn. The rumored haunting is happening in the smallest room of the B&B. It’s also the same room where her great-great-grandmother Sara lived.

According to Sister Wives spoilers, the female ghost is believed to Meri Brown’s great grammy Sara sticking around the old house. Family history also says she was the original owner of the home. Several generations of Meri’s family lived in that house. So if there is a ghost knocking around, there’s a good chance whoever it is, they’re related to Meri.

What Goes Bump in the Night at Meri’s B&B?

While the home stayed within Meri Brown’s family through the generations, some years back it sold to someone outside the family. Then the woman who owned it before Meri decided to sell the house.

But she wouldn’t let just anyone purchase the house. So once she learned that Meri Brown was part of the family who originally built the home, she was thrilled to sell it to her. This played out in a previous Sister Wives episode.

B&B Might Have a Permanent Ghostly Guest

So it looks as if Meri might have gotten more than she bargained for in her ancestral family home, suggest the Sister Wives spoilers. Learning that a ghost occupies a bedroom might detour some folks from sleeping in that room. On the other hand, with all the trending ghost hunter and haunting shows these days on TV , it could also be a draw to some adventurous souls.

Sister Wives spoilers also indicate that besides the ghost, there’s something else haunting Meri Brown – also regarding the B&B. That’s the mortgage on the place. Meri voiced these concerns in the video below. Despite buying the house all on her own, now the first wife’s worries turn toward sustaining the business.

No Business Experience, Huge Mortgage, and Not Enough Family Support?

Meri Brown carries what she describes as a huge mortgage on the family inn. She also worries as it’s the first business she’s owned. Although she sells LuLaRoe leggings online, that’s a franchise set up already for you. Plus, running the inn also means a costly mortgage. It’s a big responsibility and she might not be getting as much support as she’d like from the rest of the Sister Wives family.

One thing Meri Brown does have going for her is her reality show fame. From what the latest SW spoilers suggest, a tour and grand opening of Lizzie’s Heritage Inn takes up a good part of the next episode. This is the best kind of advertising you can get – free! Plus the word that a ghost might be roaming the halls of the B&B can’t hurt.

Visit the Inn, Meet a Ghost and Some Sister Wives…

Certainly, die-hard TLC show fans will make their way to Meri Brown’s B&B as a vacation destination. From what’s seen on the new episode, her mom Bonnie Ahlstrom helps run the inn, so fans will certainly meet her – and also maybe the family apparition!

Plus, there’s always a chance you’ll find Meri Brown there hosting guests. Fans may even catch a glimpse of Kody Brown, Janelle Brown, Christine Brown, or Robyn Brown if they happen to stop by. It looks like Meri Brown’s popularity might come in handy – although the B&B looks inviting even without the fame factor. Tune in Sunday nights to TLC to watch the new season of the hit polygamy reality show.

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