‘Sister Wives’ Update: Meri Brown Uneasy as Wildfire Nears and Evacuations Ordered

Sister Wives star Meri Brown said the Flagstaff wildfire is all too real for her today as the sky darkened with smoke outside her window. She shared how she was freaking out in her first post online yesterday. But today Meri sounds even more frightened as she updates her fans the smoke from the wildfire bellows within sight of her Sister Wives house.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Frightened – Wildfire Too Real

This wildfire is named the “Museum fire” that started only 15 miles from Meri’s home. Sister Wives viewers don’t know the location of Kody Brown’s wives’ homes. So far Meri is the only Brown family member to mention that the fire in close proximity to her house. Local Arizona news reports the fire engulfed 1,800 acres by Monday evening as the fire spreads.

Now with evacuations underway this has to put Meri on edge. She didn’t say whether or not her Sister Wives home is in the evacuation area. Or if any of the Sister Wives co-spouses face leaving their homes from this fire, for that matter.

The local news in Arizona reports the wildfire was first spotted Sunday at 11 am just north of Flagstaff. Shortly after that report, Meri Brown shared how the fire started just 15 miles away from her home. She also said she was freaking out at the time.

This Sister Wives celeb went as far as saying she’d rather live in the desert than among the trees on days like this. Her next post is below on the left. Today Meri asks for prayers.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown


Flagstaff ‘Museum Fire’ Spreads

Apparently, this seriousness of this wildfire grew overnight as more acres of trees burned to the ground. Trees and dried grass surround this Sister Wives property. Meri showed a photo of her property yesterday and it looks like she’s in a wooded area. She called it “living in the forest”.

According to ABC News in the video below, officials began evacuations. They’ve also declared a disaster area as the fire continues to spread. You can see why the Sister Wives matriarch is frightened.

This has to be scary for Meri for a few reasons. First of all, she lives alone. With her only child, Mariah Brown, living in Chicago with her fiancee Audrey Kriss, this Sister Wives mom has an empty nest. Kody Brown is only a part-time husband to each of his four wives as he jumps from house to house.

Sister Wives: New Season Rolling Out

Meri Brown and the Sister Wives brood have already started to film another season of the show. While TLC stays mum about a new season, a couple of the Brown family members shared the news that the show moves forward with the cameras rolling already.

With this wildfire burning on the outskirts of Flagstaff, authorities issued warnings about travel in the area. When the Brown clan sat down and talked about the temporary homes in Flagstaff, fans got the feeling they were really spread out. Janelle Brown said to Robyn that it takes her 30 minutes to get to her house from Janelle’s home.

Kody Brown mentioned there’s more distance between the family than ever before. For this reason, it sounds as if the four wives live in different areas of the city. So maybe Meri Brown lives the closest to where the wildfire blazes. She certainly sounds like she’s in a nail-biting situation today.

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