‘Sister Wives’: Meri Brown Freaking Out as Wildfire Just Miles Away – Pic from Her Window

Sister Wives star Meri Brown is freaking out as she posts a video of a helicopter over a forest fire that started about 15 miles from her home. Meri also posted a photo showing the view from her window. Tall trees and a blanket of high dry grass surrounds her home.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Terrified as Wildfire Nears Her Home

Meri’s talked about loving the trees and the cooler temperatures that Flagstaff offers. But today she’d trade it in for the desert, she says. She posted a caption on her photo saying so. Meri shared how on days like these she’d rather live in the desert. Apparently anywhere but the forest.

Meri Brown tells her Sister Wives followers don’t worry. But she also shared how she’s already “freaking out”. This sounds like it’s the first time Meri experienced this in her new home. The wildfire is close enough where she sees the smoke and the helicopters from her window.

Desert Looks Better Than Forest to Meri Today – Evacuations Happening

What this Sister Wives celeb spotted out her window sounds like the fire that’s on the news today. According to the Arizona news, a wildfire just north of Flagstaff has burned 400 acres of forest already. They are calling the fire “the museum fire”.

The news reports that authorities issued an evacuation notice for some areas as the fire continues to grow. Because the Sister Wives brood keeps the location of their homes under wraps, fans have no way of knowing if Meri is in the area of the evacuation or not.

It sounds like Meri Brown is concerned enough to keep her eye on the news. So if she does need to evacuate, she’ll know it. Driving advisories also went up in the area. Drivers are warned to use “extreme caution” when headed out north of Flagstaff on Highways 180 and 89.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown

Sister Wives: Entire Brown Brood Lives in Flagstaff Area

As Meri Brown freaks out about the fire, fans wonder if the other members of the Sister Wives clan live near this wildfire. Remember when the Sister Wives went to look at land in a wooded area? The place called Cottonwood in Flagstaff?

Robyn Brown didn’t want to live near trees. She endured a bad experience as a kid with a wildfire bearing down on the home she lived in. How will Robyn do with a wildfire in the area? Again, not knowing exactly where the Sister Wives spouses live, there’s no way of knowing if they’re in the path of that wildfire or not.

Meri Brown’s followers hopped online to say stay safe. This must be the smoke from the Flagstaff wildfire that the Sister Wives matriarch sees in the distance from her window. The news did report the fire is visible from Flagstaff.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown

Sister Wives: Evacuation Warnings Issued

The fire was first reported around 11 am on Sunday. An incident management team is expected to take the reins in the management of this fire. According to local news, plans call for that agency to step into place Monday evening. So it sounds like they expect the wildfire to continue through tomorrow.

The area of evacuation includes the Forest Road 420 to US 89 and Shultz Pass Road. The evacuation also includes a section of Forest Road that contains a lot of the recreational areas, according to the news.

Residents also received a pre-evacuation notice who live in the area of Forest Rd 420 to Friedlein Road. The Coconino Sheriff’s Search and Rescue help with the evacuation plan today.

Kody, Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn Brown all live in Flagstaff Area

None of the other Sister Wives adults, other than Meri, posted anything online about the wildfire. Meri Brown sounded extremely concerned. But for fans, there’s no way to know if the homes of  Christine Brown, Robyn Brown, and Janelle Brown sit in the wildfire’s path.

As of 9 pm Sunday night, the only Sister Wives family member to post anything about the fire online is Meri Brown. The Sheriff’s Office sent out a warning. They ask: “If people see fire, they are asked to leave the area immediately”.

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