‘Sister Wives’: Is Kody Brown’s Main Job Managing His Wives’ Money?

Sister Wives showed Kody Brown in a scene talking to his business partner on the phone about money last week, so what does he do for work? When Kody and his four wives returned to TLC for this new season of TLC’s Sister Wives, their financial problems immediately popped up.

Money woes were one of the first things on the table during a family meeting. While Meri Brown, Janelle Brown, Christine Brown, and Robyn Brown all take part in the family discussion on finances, it looks like Kody Brown has the final say.

Sister Wives: What Is Kody Brown’s Job?

Ever since Sister Wives first aired in 2010, the husband of four has become expert at being elusive when it comes to his exact career. During the first season of the show “salesman” was his go-to career when asked. But what he sold exactly wasn’t made clear.

Through the many interviews, Kody added a few vague details to that salesmen job. His job was in online sales and then fans learned he sold advertising. But the company’s name or type of advertising he sold still remains under wraps even though that job is long gone.

Another Line of Work for Kody?

Back in 2010, Kody Brown’s name showed up on three different businesses. None of which he highlighted on Sister Wives. His name alone appeared under the business Bricksoft. It’s a now-defunct company for computer programming.

He also had another company under his name, Das Hundaus Firearms, and Accessories. Nothing shows up online under that name in a Google search today so it appears this company is also now defunct or it never got off the ground.

Ironically in German (Das Hundaus) that translates to “the dog out” – and dog is a term often applied to men that check out lots of women…

Kody’s Real Line of Work?

The name Kody Brown appeared under another business name when the Sister Wives show first aired. That business stayed intact through all the previous Sister Wives seasons. He and his family members share the company – Kody Brown Family Entertainment LLC. This business registration also followed them in their move from state to state.

While the document below lists “canceled,” this coincides with their move to Flagstaff. While no updated documents appear online yet, chances are the family registered the business in Arizona as well, now that they live there. So is this Kody Brown’s line of work – managing the family’s finances?


Sister Wives: Kody Brown Family Entertainment LLC

Income for the Brown Clan

Three of Kody Brown’s wives have businesses they own. As an independent business owner, Meri Brown sells clothing online from the LuLaRoe Fashion line. She is also an ambassador for the company. Meri also owns a bed and breakfast inn. Robyn Brown owns an online business – Sister Wives Closet.

While Janelle is a real estate agent, she’s also a nutrition and fitness expert. It appears the bulk of the family’s assets come from the salaries they make from the Sister Wives TLC show. A report this month indicates TLC spends somewhere between $250,000 to $450,000 per episode to make Sister Wives.

The same report indicates that 10 percent of a show’s budget goes to the TLC TV families for their salaries. It’s estimated the family makes about $375,000 a year combined from their appearance on TLC’s Sister Wives.

Dynamics of Brown Family Finances?

This season of Sister Wives offered insight into how the Brown family handles their finances. Especially Kody Brown, who seems to control the family’s assets. From what they’ve said in the past and on recent episodes, it sounds like the money the Browns make is pooled.

When a new venture pops up for Kody or one of the wives, money is “borrowed” from that pool. Of course, a family discussion decides whether or not this will happen. This is much like what Meri Brown just went through at the beginning of the new season. From what the fans got to see so far on Sister Wives, it’s obvious that Kody has the final say.

How Well Does Kody Brown Do Managing the Family?

It’s interesting that the family grilled Meri over a business plan. When at the same time, Kody Brown reportedly made a $40,000 mistake with the family budget. But no one asked him for proof. So it looks as if Kody has his wives’ complete trust.

He first said that he’d have $40,000 freed up from a business venture with his business partner. The partner is unseen – you just hear hiss side of the conversation over the phone. It sounds like he’s got some kind of business venture going with this man he’s talking to but no other details emerge.

Then suddenly that $40,000 is needed in the family budget, right down to supplying the groceries. It appears one of Kody’s main jobs is handling the finances for the Sister Wives family. That’s a good chunk of money he didn’t realize he’d need for the bills. What does that say about his skills when it comes to managing the family money?

Sister Wives – Real Estate Problems?

Not to mention Kody Brown’s sudden decision to move to Flagstaff from Vegas. While the wives weren’t thrilled with the move, Kody didn’t even take the time to sell their homes in Las Vegas before heading to Flagstaff, Arizona.

Reports this week indicate the Brown family still own two of their Vegas houses. Despite being on the market, they still haven’t sold the two houses. This is taking a bite out of the family’s finances today. What does this say about Kody’s job skills as well?

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