‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Cliffhangers Come Home to Roost on New Season

Sister Wives star Kody Brown is back with a new season and some intriguing cliffhangers involving his four wives from the last season. With just a few more days to go before Sister Wives Season 14 rolls out, fans anticipate some answers.

Sister Wives enthusiasts find Meri Brown, Janelle Brown, Christine Brown, Robyn Brown and their shared husband Kody Brown right where they left them last season. It seems a lot of what the Sister Wives viewers saw last season didn’t pan out as most surmised.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown No Longer Offers Option?

The cliffhangers start with Kody Brown’s one big house for his entire family. The Sister Wives patriarch doesn’t seem to offer the house as an option, as he appeared to do last season. No, now it sounds as if the wives have no choice.

Sister Wives followers soon find out that it is a fix to his problem, one he created with the Flagstaff move. It doesn’t appear he offers his wives the option of a big house. Instead, it is the solution to their financial problems and one they probably can’t decline.

The big house cliffhanger turns into anger and tears for the wives who share Kody Brown. Speaking of sharing a husband, it looks like Kody Brown has demoted one of his wives to the ranks of a family member only.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown

Kody Brown Demotes Meri Brown From Wife to “Family Member”?

Another cliffhanger from last season had Meri Brown and Robyn Brown working on a solution to their marriage problems. At one point Kody shared how the two started dating again. Well, it looks as if that’s not the case anymore with the first wive and her Sister Wives husband.

In the new video promo, you see Kody Brown turn down Meri Brown during a marriage counseling session. He makes it clear that she’ll remain part of the family but… they won’t act like a married couple. It seems Kody Brown removed Meri from that Sister Wives revolving bedroom schedule.

Some fans think that Kody Brown seems to pit his wives against one another in the new season previews. You not only see Kody yelling at Robyn over siding with Meri but Robyn snaps at Meri as well.

At one point, Robyn turns to Meri and asks her if she could talk. But it sounds as if Robyn is angry when she says this. It seems to play out as a rather odd love triangle between Kody and two of his wives.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown

Sister Wives: Land of Plenty and Welcome Wagons – Fail

As far as Kody was concerned, he sold his four wives on Flagstaff by creating a vision of the land of plenty and acceptance. The Sister Wives find out this season how quickly that cliffhanger soured.

No cupcakes, casseroles, or pies were delivered by neighbors with welcoming arms. No, instead the first day they arrived in Meri Brown’s neighborhood the neighbors called the police.

While that doesn’t mean the entire city is unwelcoming, it didn’t matter at that point for Meri when her neighbors told her they don’t want a polygamous wife in their neighborhood.

From the Mouths of Babes

Several of the Sister Wives children didn’t want to move out of Vegas. One of the kids who became very vocal over this was Gabriel Brown. He didn’t understand how Flagstaff would offer them anything better than what they had in Vegas. It looks like Gabe was correct in his assumption.

Finally, the wives rallied around the move orchestrated by Kody. But the tears start as soon as the new season hits the screen. Robyn Brown cries over not duplicating living conditions like the cul-da-sac in Flagstaff.

Christine Brown is furious and refuses Kody’s dream of everyone under one roof. Whether Janelle is happy or not isn’t shared in the promos. But one thing that is passed along, she’s disenchanted with the rental home she’s in. Her place is small in comparison to her Vegas digs.

Meri took to social media a few times since the move to share how she misses Vegas. Now with Kody Brown pushing one big Sister Wives house at the wives, unhappiness skyrockets. The new season preview suggests a very rocky road ahead of Kody Brown and his four wives.

Fans need to wait just a couple of more days before season 14 of Sister Wives debuts on Sunday, January 5th from TLC.

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