‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Family ‘Kicked Out’ in 16-Minute Clip – Where to Watch

Sister Wives star Kody Brown and his four wives roll out a much anticipated new season next week that draws millions of viewers to TLC on Sunday nights. But the Sister Wives viewers are loving the extended look before Season 14 premieres. However, some fans are having a problem finding the video clip.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown and Meri Brown In ‘First Looked Kicked Out’

TLC is banking on the Sister Wives fans wanting more than a couple of minutes worth of a previews for Kody Brown’s family. The standard TLC trailers offer a couple of scenes for the new season and are very short.

But the TLC series went above and beyond the traditional trailer. They offer more Kody Brown and his four wives than the previews.

Last week they released “First Look Kicked Out”, a 16-minute preview on the new season. First Look contains some of the same scenes from the promo clip. But it expands beyond that with scenes from the Sister Wives first episode.

TLC baits fans with a scene that’s sure to draw the viewer’s attention. It starts off with Meri Brown and Kody Brown finishing a full day of moving on their first day in Flagstaff.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Family Flagstaff Move

Police Car Brings Back Bad Memories for Brown Family

The camera scans the area and zones in on a Flagstaff Police Department car. At the same time, Kody Brown locks up the moving van after their first day in Flagstaff.

Meri explains what went on while sitting on the couch with her Sister Wives co-spouses. Kody seemed to shy away from the topic. Saying only that they need to make friends with the neighbors.

Just recently Kody Brown’s first wife moved to another home. So it seems unlikely that Kody’s idea of making friends was the answer.

Meri Brown said a neighbor called the police on both her and Kody Brown when they were at the house alone. She also describes the cold and callous welcoming from neighbors.

TLC released a few clues weeks ago which included one of Kody Brown’s wives driven from their home by neighbors. It looks like the scenes in this clip shows the beginning of that process.

This scene with the police showing up in Flagstaff has Sister Wives reminiscing about the police showing up in Utah. TLC shares the clip of that urgent move after police visited the Kody Brown and his wives over their polygamous lifestyle.

Sister Wives: “First Look Kicked Out” Trailer – Where to Watch

Shades of Utah play-out for the Sister Wives as soon as they land in Flagstaff. This offers a rather grim look at the family’s future in Flagstaff. Meri describes how the neighbors warned her that no one wants them in the neighborhood.

The extended clip released by TLC offers some dark moments for Kody Brown as far as neighbors go.

However, the trailer is not available on YouTube. Viewers have to watch it on TLC On-Demand  or here on YouTubeTV which requires a subscription.

But if the show’s followers want to get an extended look at the new season, head on over to TLC On-Demand.

The TLC menu now offers this under Sister Wives for Season 14. It is in the number one slot on the Season 14 menu, which starts the new season lineup.

Only one week to go before the Sister Wives and the Season 14 premiere airs on TLC, Sunday night, January 5.

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