‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown’s Wives Push Back In New Season – Premiere Date Revealed

Sister Wives’ husband Kody Brown and his clan have a new season on the way. Now, TLC announced the official start date and it’s soon. But it seems the Sister Wives brood hits the starting gate of Season 14 with friction festering. These problems cast a shadow on their Flagstaff future.

When the last Sister Wives episodes closed, they left fans with a few cliffhangers. According to the latest reports, Season 14 answers what was left hanging for Kody Brown, Meri Brown, Janelle Brown, Christine Brown, and Robyn Brown.

Sister Wives: Are Kody Brown and Meri Brown Mending Marriage Fences?

During the hiatus between Sister Wives TLC seasons, fans saw Kody Brown’s wife Meri rock a new look of independence. She’s enmeshed with the LuLaRoe crowd. As one of the top sales associates, she’s gone on two cruises with her co-workers and seems to keep busy with her business projects.

As last season ended, Meri and Kody Brown started to mend their relationship. Kody described it like dating Meri again. Then, Meri gushed on the Tell All. And she even told Kody she’d drop everything if he called. So, it sounds like she’s invested in getting her marriage back on track.

But it appears something else transpired since last seeing the Sister Wives spouses on the Tell All. Reports put Kody Brown and first wife Meri back in marriage counseling. So, it appears they needed a little help. It sounds like they’re working on wedded bliss in the new Sister Wives S14.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown - Christine Brown

Oh, Kody Brown and the Money Again…

Reports also indicate this big family on Sister Wives find themselves riddled with financial problems. Fans could have predicted this watching the last season. The way the Brown clan spent money on the Flagstaff move seemed risky. The Vegas houses didn’t sell right away. So, Kody Brown was still paying mortgages on four Vegas homes.

Then, there’s a mortgage on Coyote Pass. Not to mention the cost of temporary homes for four families that make up the Sister Wives clan. So, rentals and mortgages were owed on those places too. The new Sister Wives run opens with Kody cash-strapped, according to previews. Plus, the big house idea Kody toyed with last season comes up again in the new season.

Sister Wives enthusiasts remember Kody had blueprints drawn for one mammoth home. So, now it’s supposedly the answer to their money woes this season. But fans get to see the wives react to Kody Brown’s reveal of his secret home plan. There’s hints of unhappiness. They can share a husband, but don’t want to share a house, as shown in the previews.

Then, there’s anger over the fair division of the Coyote Pass property, suggest the Sister Wives previews, if they build four homes there. It looks as if fans can expect Kody Brown’s women to push back a little during the upcoming season. And most of the drama seems to be over long term living arrangement plans.

Sister Wives: Mysterious Disappearing Act Finally Solved

Robyn dropped off social media. Now, fans finally get to see what’s going on with wife four. Also, another big reveal about one wife stuns fans. It seems one of Kody Brown’s wives left her rental home because her neighbors drove her out. Since Robyn, Meri, and Janelle all took rental properties in Flagstaff, it could be any of this trio of Sister Wives. We’ll know more soon.

Because, Sister Wives Season 14 debuts Sunday night, January 5 on TLC. So, fans will need to tune in to see just how well the Kody Brown family settled into their new Flagstaff surroundings. There’s lots of drama with all four wives, Kody, as well as their kids – and the neighbors that may not enjoy the invasion of the massive family that moved into their hood.

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