‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Women Battle Over Division of Property in New Season?

Sister Wives Season 14 rolls out with Kody Brown facing four wives who have different ideas on how things should work this time aroundThe wives of Kody Brown usually follow their shared husband. Kody leading his Sister Wives brood is part of the fabric of their polygamous marriage.

The wives all agreed (more than once) on the TLC cameras that Kody is the leader the family. But things change. Now that they’ve settled in Flagstaff, it looks like the women of Sister Wives push back a bit.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown On Edge of Financial Disaster?

Recently the official word on the Sister Wives renewal emerged from TLC. That also came along with the premiere date for Season 14. Now a few previews on what to expect in the next season pop-up. So it looks like Kody Brown and his wives knock heads a few times in this up-and-coming season.

The Sister Wives previews suggest Meri Brown, Janelle Brown, Christine Brown, and Robyn Brown don’t see eye to eye with Kody Brown. While that’s nothing new, it does sound as if it escalates when it comes to who gets what piece of property.

The Sister Wives preview for the new season shows Kody Brown is on the cusp of a “financial disaster”. So, this is where his secret plans come in to build one huge home. To save the Browns from their financial woes, Kody proposes one big house.

Property Division Sways Towards One Wife?

Veteran Sister Wives fans can make an educated guess that this goes over like a lead balloon. But the battle isn’t all about the Kody Brown dream house. Reports say it escalates into something else. In the next season, the wives allegedly do battle over the division of the Sister Wives properties.

Sister Wives spoilers show that when Kody Brown and his four wives divide the property, they erupt into an argument. While no details on what property is up for dividing come along with the preview. Viewers can only guess it’s the plots they purchased in Coyote Pass.

Sister Wives watchers can remember from the last season how Robyn got the lion’s share of the space in Kody’s proposed big house blueprints. Sister Wives viewers hopped online furious over the tiny space Kody allotted for Meri in comparison to the other wives in that big house. So it’s easy to see that Kody didn’t have the intention of giving each wife a space in that house of equal size.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown Looks Land Rich on Paper?

But the Sister Wives spoilers clips suggest an argument ensues when they attempt to divide the property between the spouses. The Flagstaff assessor’s offices holds a hint of the property division. You can check out that list above in this article.

Kody Brown now owns seven pieces of property in Flagstaff. But Robyn’s name shows up as co-owner on five of those properties. Christine Brown and Janelle Brown also co-own properties with Kody.

While Meri Brown’s name shows up on one parcel of land at Coyote Pass, it’s co-owned by Kody and another wife as well. So Meri doesn’t own property with just Kody as her other co-wifes do.

But Robyn is on five of the property deeds with Kody. Is this why Kody Brown’s wives erupt into an argument over the property? It sounds as if the division of property among the wives becomes quite the bone of contention in Season 14.

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