‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown’s Wife Driven Out Of Rental Home By Neighbors

Sister Wives star Kody Brown and his four wives settled in Flagstaff, Arizona but one of the wives was reportedly driven from her rental home by neighbors. Now that TLC passed down the official word that Sister Wives Season 14 is on its way, a few new tidbits came along with announcements as well.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Neighbors Cause One Wife to Move?

Kody Brown moved his Sister Wives family to Flagstaff, AZ as the last season wrapped up. Three of his wives secured rental homes while Christine Brown purchased a home. Kody Brown organized the move rather quickly, so finding a rental property that would allow Christine’s pets was problematic. This prompted the responsible pet owner to buy a home, where she could keep her animals.

The other three Sister Wives, Meri Brown, Robyn Brown, and Janelle Brown rented houses in their new town. Recent reports indicate that both Robyn and Meri moved from their original rental properties. And, reportedly, the landlords sold these rentals, but is that really the case for Meri and Robyn?

The TLC preview from Sister Wives Season 14 indicates one of Kody Brown’s four wives is forced to leave her rental home. It’s now alleged that her neighbors drove her out of the house. Since only Meri and Robyn have moved, it seems to make sense it’s one of them.

So through deductive reasoning, either Kody Brown’s first or fourth wife moved over friction with neighbors. When the Sister Wives clan first rented their homes in the Arizona time, the landlords allegedly banned filming at two of the homes.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown - Robyn Brown - Neighbors

Filming Banned at Two of the Rental Homes?

This left filming locations at a minimum. Then, reports surfaced that the production crew rented a warehouse in Flagstaff for some filming. Fans already got to see the Sister Wives brood in that location. They used it for the Tell All at the end of Season 13.

So, Kody Brown bought in rural Flagstaff with Robyn for a little less than $1 million. They moved into that home when Robyn moved out of her original rental. Robyn’s first rented house appeared in the last season of Sister Wives.

Fans didn’t see any of the other wives’ homes before the last season ended. Filming occurred at Robyn’s home at the end of last season. So, that seems to eliminate her original Flagstaff house as one of the homes with a ban on filming.

Then, with Christine owning her place, this left Meri and Janelle’s homes as the only possible two homes with a filming ban. When over a dozen moving vehicles rolled through Robyn’s new neighborhood last season, neighbors came out in droves. And the Sister Wives cameras rolled, so they filmed at Robyn’s, too. This seems to eliminate her rental as the one with the filming ban.

Sister Wives Meet Gladys Kravitz of Robyn Brown’s Neighborhood

Remember the neighbor who fans dubbed the Gladys Kravitz of Robyn’s neighborhood. She reminded the Sister Wives viewers of the nosey neighbor from Bewitched. (It’s a dated reference, but apt). Because, she came out asking all kinds of questions including who all these kids belonged to.

Kody Brown’s wife who reportedly left her home due to the neighbors wasn’t named in the previews. But it’s likely Robyn or Meri since these two already moved to a second house. But which wife would more likely cause friction for neighbors?

Judging by her social media, Meri’s hardly ever home. She travels with her LuLaRoe sales position a lot. Then, there’s Robyn with five kids and Kody Brown reportedly there much of the time. Robyn and Kody planned to use the huge rental home for family gatherings as well.

So, maybe the Sister Wives filming crew traffic grew too much for Robyn’s neighbors. But, it could be Meri or Janelle, since they rent too. The report didn’t say what happened with the neighbors – so it could be just a nosey neighbor stirring the pot. We’ll find out more as the new season rolls out next year.

Season 14 starts on Sunday, January 5, 2020, on TLC at 10 pm EST.

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