‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Dittos Baby Announcement – Family Made It to Maddie in Time

Sister Wives star Kody Brown is a grandpa of two but instead of some heartfelt words from the patriarch, he announces the birth in a retweet. Kody Brown was all about showing off his first grandchild two years ago after Maddie Brown Brush had Axel Brush. But he hasn’t surfaced since Maddie had her second child, a daughter, on August 20th.

It seems this time around the Sister Wives patriarch just retweeted the birth announcement put out by TLC. There’s nothing personal from the new grandfather of two on Twitter regarding the arrival of Evangalynn Kodi Brush.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Honored – Maddie Brown Brush Gave Baby Kody’s Name

It looks as if Maddie and Caleb honored Kody with their daughter’s middle name. The parents used the name “Kodi”, with an “i” instead of “y”, to create a female version of Kody’s name.

So you’d think the Sister Wives grandfather would be thrilled with this honor of his name. Still, it’s been 10-days since the baby’s birth and Kody mentions nothing online.

Sister Wives: Caleb Brush - Axel Brush - Evangalynn Kodi Brush

Nothing Personal About a Retweet

Instead of a few heartfelt words from grandpa Brown, he dittoed the baby announcement by retweeting the TLC network’s statement. Sister Wives‘s celeb Kody Brown has been quiet online recently.

Kody Brown last post popped up a few weeks back. It had to do with the injustice of banning a beer with the name polygamy in its brand name.

The Sister Wives husband of four, the father of 18, and now a grandfather of two hasn’t tweeted about his family in a while. He was there when Axel was born. It’s not known if Kody was one of the members of the Brown family who made the trip from Flagstaff to North Carolina for Evangalynn’s birth.

Reports indicate despite the distance apart, some Sister Wives family members were able to be there for Maddie’s second birth. Janelle let the fans know she left Flagstaff to stay with Maddie Brown Brush in North Carolina. She arrived before her due date so she didn’t miss the birth. Then Christine popped up in photos with Axel Brush. So it appears she was there as well.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Gets the Honors

Maddie Brown Brush had the baby on her estimated due date. She also had Axel on the date the doctors said he was due two years ago. Evangalynn weighed  8 lbs-12 oz at birth and measured 21 inches long.

Maddie and her husband Caleb announced their baby’s birth on Instagram. But it looked like they let Sister Wives grandma Janelle make the announcement first. She said she was “over the moon” when seeing her granddaughter for the first time. While the baby’s name is Evangalynn, Maddie said they’ll call her Eve for short.

Older brother Axel looks quite content having a sister in the new photos online. But the question swirling around today has to do with Kody Brown. Did he get to see his new granddaughter yet? There’s no information about Kody Brown being there or not with Maddie Brown.

Since Maddie gave birth to Axel with the Sister Wives cameras rolling, she might have done this the second time around. If that’s the case, all this mystery surrounding the people who attended the birth might have to do with contracts.

TLC is good at keeping things under wraps. So fans might have to watch the next season to get an answer to the question of where Kody Brown was when his new granddaughter was born.

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