‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Finds Beer and Polygamy Don’t Mix

Sister Wives star Kody Brown recently discovered that polygamy and beer together leave a bad taste in the mouth of some people. It appears it bothered Kody enough to break weeks of silence on social media to post his thoughts.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Takes Swig of Beer Injustice

The Sister Wives patriarch appears to take up a new cause. Or at least Kody Brown expected to enlighten his followers about an injustice today. Some folks have made a mission out of bashing the husband of four because of his lifestyle. But it seems, in this case, some of the people who follow Sister Wives think Kody Brown may have a point.

The government in North Carolina banned a beer from sales and this caught the Sister Wives husband’s eye. It’s not as if the beer doesn’t fit the guidelines for alcohol content or anything else you’d expect when you hear it has to come down from the shelves.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown

Constitutional Law Takes on Polygamy Beer?

Blogger Jonathan Turney wrote a piece on the banning of this beer in North Carolina. It comes under the heading of Bizarre Constitutional Laws. Apparently, this caught Kody Brown’s eye because the Sister Wives husband retweeted Turney’s article.

This Eastern Seacoast state banned the sale of a beer called “Polygamy Porter” – but why? Well, it seems since polygamy is against the law, the decision-makers in North Carolina won’t allow that word to appear on a beer label.

The Wasatch Brewery in Utah makes the Polygamy Porter. When North Carolina stopped the sale of this beer back in July, the brewery appealed. They challenged the ruling with the North Carolina Alcohol Beverage Control Commission. But the lawmakers wouldn’t budge.

So it seems the beer that has the word polygamy in its name is no longer on the shelves in that state. The Sister Wives celeb Kody Brown seems to keep himself informed on the news surrounding anything that has to do with polygamy. So it stands to reason that he’d pick up on this story.

Sister Wives: Taking on Injustice from a Higher Perch?

At one point this Sister Wives father of 18 kids entertained running for office in Utah. Because he feels like Utah is his home, he wants to go back there. But they literally left that state overnight without giving anyone prior knowledge of the move, including their kids. They talk about the reason for the move to Vegas in the video above.

The kids weren’t told of their relocation until they finished up the school week. All of Kody’s kids learned they couldn’t tell their friends. Kody and his wives never informed the kids’ schools of the move as well.

So the Sister Wives children learned last minute that their fate was decided and about to happen. It looks like polygamy has pretty much ruled over the Sister Wives family’s destination in life. That’s probably why Kody Brown keeps on top of any news about polygamy. The ride hasn’t been easy for the man who married four wives.

It’s been a rocky road for the four wives of the Sister Wives clan as well. While Kody Brown usually focuses on the injustices with more meat on the bones that come along with polygamy – today he focuses on beer.

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