‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Attempts Modeling Gig but Fans Stunned by What They See

Sister Wives star Kody Brown emerged online in a new photo that just happens to come along with a sales pitch. But fans see so much more than an attempt at sales in this new picture. Especially when it comes to Kody Brown and his surroundings. This new image stuns some Sister Wives fans and raises questions for others.

Sister Wives: Where Are You, Kody Brown?

Christine Brown is Kody’s third wife, and probably the most doting of all his women on Sister Wives. She not only appears in the photo with him but she looks happy to be there. The shared husband stands on a deck with Christine that overlooks scenery that’s assumed to be somewhere in Flagstaff.

The scenery brings up the question of their location. Sure, fans surmise they’re in Flagstaff but this immediately sparks Coyote Pass questions from the Sister Wives followers’ inquisitive minds.

Where are they? Is that deck attached to the temporary home that Christine purchased while waiting for the houses or one huge house to go up on Coyote Pass?

Or is that background the view from one of the new homes or Kody’s dream castle? While Sister Wives viewers ask these questions, they’re probably not expecting responses. All the spouses of this plural marriage traditionally don’t answer their fans’ questions left in the comment sections.

Besides, with a new Sister Wives season reportedly in the works, this is the stuff TLC tends to keep quiet. Leaving fans guessing is one way to entice them back to their show. In other words, you have to tune in to find out.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown - Christine Brown

Another Round of Hair Critiquing – But With a Twist

While many fans inquired about the location, some fans honed in on Kody himself. Starting with his hair, which has long been a topic of conversation among followers. This time around it’s a bit different.

While usually, people talk about his wild coiffure or his man bun not doing the trick. But today it’s a different aspect that Sister Wives veteran fans set their sights on.

It looks like viewers of Sister Wives gravitate towards the patriarch’s forehead. Fans point out how it seems to grow larger as his hairline recedes. One fan offered a tip on what Kody needs to do next.

The fan writes: “Kody’s hair is receding a lot. He should just shave it and be done with it.” Of course, this also sparked a man bun discussion, but fans once again urged Kody to cut his hair.

Not all the Sister Wives comments hit on Kody’s Achilles Heel. No, some fans attempted to shame the people picking on Kody Brown’s hair. “I don’t understand the need for rude comments. If you don’t like someone don’t follow them.”

Still, the jabs kept coming and they eventually got around to what Kody and Christine were plugging for sales. With a reality show paycheck for their combined salaries estimated at $375,000 per season, the luxury they all enjoy doesn’t seem feasible.

For a family of four with one house, maybe. But that money stretches between four households and 22 people in the Sister Wives family.

Sister Wives: Sales Pitch Gone Array

Kody Brown and his Sister Wives clan’s finances still remain a mystery today. How does one man keep four wives and 18 kids in the luxuries seen all around them? The wives all have side gigs going on. With Meri Brown seemingly a superstar when it comes to sales for the LuLaRoe clothing line.

A few other members of the family also sell LuLaRoe, including Christine Brown. It looks like she’s putting a bit of effort into her sales today with Kody Brown as her model. The T-Shirt Kody sports is the LuLaRoe Hudson and as Christine reminds the fans it’s a unisex article of clothing.

With this photo gathering over 15k in likes in less than a day, it looks as if her post draws attention. But that attention isn’t on the article of clothing Kody strikes a pose in.

So even though Kody Brown offered up his famous face and not so famous upper torso for the sake of family sales, that’s not what people see. Unfortunately for the Sister Wives patriarch, his backyard modeling job opened up a can of worms.

Sure, people peep in to see Kody Brown’s new photo but they don’t seem to focus on that shirt. It looks like Christine and Kody Brown’s attempt at a sales pitch just went array with more questions about his hair and location.

The only mention of LuLaRoe in the comments seems rather negative. As fans bring up the pyramid scheme accusations aimed at the company a while back. But if Meri Brown and her sales records offer any indication, she seems overly thrilled with the life LuLaRoe sales have awarded her.

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