‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Marries Fifth Wife, 28? Rumored Secret Wedding Last Week?

Sister Wives star Kody Brown makes a buzz online today after a post suggests he secretly took on a fifth wife last week. Because he’s already legally married to one wife he can’t legally marry another.

But Kody Brown can take another wife through a spiritual union. This is how he married three of his four wives whom he appears with on the TLC Sister Wives show.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Takes-On Fifth Wife?

Ordinarily, if rumors fly about a celebrity marriage, fact-checking is as simple as looking up the legal documents. But there’s no such document available to the public if a polygamous spiritual marriage takes place.

So for now, this is referred to as speculation by fans about the Sister Wives head of household. Although, you could say it’s an elaborate rumor since Kody Brown’s alleged new wife was identified by name.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Fifth Wife

Leah Marie Brown in Her 20s?

Yes, this buzz online comes with a name and age of the alleged fifth wife of the SW patriarch. The post below suggests that Kody Winn Brown, 51, married Leah Marie Brown, 28, on February 20, 2019. So did Kody Brown take on a much younger new wife?

Again, this is only a rumor with nothing more than a change in the number of Kody Brown’s wives on Wikipedia for information available. What’s more, that Wikipedia information has since been deleted. But that hasn’t stopped the buzz online. Furthermore, the time is ripe for the Brown patriarch to add to his Sister Wives clan for a few reasons.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Fifth Wife

Kody’s Driving a Bus With a Few Flat Tires

While Kody Brown has four wives there’s no hiding the dissension among the ranks with his spouses. By their own admission, they’re not the happy brood once portrayed on TLC’s Sister Wives.

It looks like Christine Brown is vying for her husband’s attention on the new SW season. But reports indicate that he’s only having a husband-wife relation with one wife.

Did Robyn Brown Stand In the Way Last Year?

According to reports, the husband on this Sister Wives show only has Robyn Brown in his scope these days. Last year at this time, headlines had Kody courting a woman in her 20s. The same report goes on to say he proposed to this woman but she turned him down.

It seems Robyn was getting upset that her husband spent a lot of time with this woman, whom he was allegedly falling for hard. Apparently, Robyn got Kody to cool his jets on the time spent with the woman he fancied.

When it came time to propose marriage and take the young woman on as his fifth wife, the unnamed woman said no. The alleged reason – Robyn. Apparently, the woman didn’t like the amount of control Robyn had over the SW husband.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown

What’s Kody Brown Up to These Days?

Could the woman he wanted to marry last year and this new rumored wife be one and the same? The woman he fancied last year and the alleged new wife both fall within the same age range. A picture of Kody Brown emerged as he checked into the Aquarius Casino Hotel in Laughlin, Nevada, last week.

The picture was taken on February 21, 2019, which is the day after his rumored marriage to his fifth wife took place. Was Kody checking in for his honeymoon? It looks like he’s alone. But with the new season of Sister Wives airing, if he did get married it stands to reason he can’t reveal this until the season is over.

If news emerged that he took on a fifth wife before the new season is up, it might spoil it for the viewers. Right now fans watch as Kody navigates his rocky relationships with his four SW spouses. If there is to be a new season of the show, that’s where they’d most likely introduce a new wife. That is if there is one.

A New Sister Wife Beneficial to Kody?

Kody Brown makes no secret of loving the limelight. If there’s a chance of Sister Wives going belly-up, this plural marriage patriarch will move mountains to get TLC to sign him on for another season.

Just think of how enticing a new season of the show would be with a fifth wife for Kody Brown. Also if one or more of the wives should move on from this husband amid all the friction reported, he’d need a replacement wife for the purpose of the show.

While Kody’s new marriage is just in the rumor phase, it would make good business sense for the Brown patriarch to add to his Sister Wives clan.

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