Sister Wives: Kody Brown – One Wife Late Bloomer to Polygamy Lifestyle

Sister Wives star Meri Brown didn’t find it an easy decision to join Kody Brown as part of the TLC reality show a decade ago. The same goes for two of Kody’s other wives, Christine Brown and Janelle Brown. Robyn Brown joined the family during the first season of the show but she too didn’t take it lightly. Kody, as well as all four women,  signed on to Sister Wives to serve a purpose.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown on a Mission

In the early days of Sister Wives, people tuned into the show out of curiosity. But the show meant more than entertaining the masses to Kody and his wives. They signed on to the show to help pave the way for families, like their own, who live a polygamous lifestyle.

Their plural marriage might be something of a curiosity to the viewers who flock to TLC on Sunday nights. But while growing up, only one of Kody’s wives wasn’t raised in a polygamous family.

That’s Janelle Brown. In fact, Janelle said she didn’t know what polygamy was until she was 18 years old. Meri Brown grew up in a plural family with five mothers and 25 brothers and sisters. That’s one big family!

Meri Brown, Christine Brown, and Robyn Brown – Many Moms

Christine was raised in a plural family that consisted of two moms and a dad. As she got older she looked forward to having sister wives more so than a husband. Then there’s Robyn, who also was also part of a plural family and like her three co-spouses, she always knew the lifestyle was for her.

Meri, Christine, and Robyn, all emerged from plural families. Their parents never pushed them in the direction of plural marriage. Their families let them make up their own minds. The Sister Wives women got to chose what worked best for them as individuals.

Apparently, the four wives of Kody Brown saw plural marriage as a good thing and wanted that for themselves. Janelle was a late bloomer to plural marriage. But all it took was meeting Kody to change her mind about the one-husband-one wife deal.

Kody and Janelle Brown – One Mom and One Dad

As far as Kody Brown’s childhood, some fans might be surprised to know that he, unlike three of his wives, did not grow up with a bunch of moms. Kody Brown is the product of a home made up of just one mom and one dad. At 21, he decided to go a different route than his monogamous Mormon parents.

Kody Brown converted to fundamental Mormonism and this is the faith that embraces the polygamy lifestyle. After he lived the lifestyle for many years he decided, along with his wives, they could do something about the stigma that comes along with polygamy. So they signed up to do Sister Wives.

Before Sister Wives

Before Kody Brown and his wives, Meri, Janelle, Robyn, and Christian went public with their plural marriage via SW, life was tough. Not only for them but their children as well. Something as simple as attending one of the kids’ graduation took strategy. Kody would show up with one wife and the other wives would spread out in the crowd.

The kids couldn’t introduce their friends to the four mothers. Their family kept a low-key existence, just as other polygamous families did. Since Sister Wives emerged, the Browns now have no problems stepping out into the world as one big family. Check out the video below, which is from 2012 as they go into their third season.

Plural Marriage Based on Faith

The lifestyle is deeply based in religion, which is what the Sister Wives family have said from the get-go on their show. They look to this faith to guide them through their day to day life. While it’s the life they love, it ‘s far from perfect.

According to the SW spouses, jealousy is a factor when four women share one man. But their religion gives them the strength to get through any jealous moments they might experience regarding Kody Brown. Catch Sister Wives on TLC Sunday nights.

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