‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown an Abuser or Victim of In-Law’s Horrific Claims?

Sister Wives star Kody Brown seems to have Christine Brown‘s aunt rattled as she begs her niece to fly the coop of her plural marriage. Calling Christine “miserable” in her marriage behind the scenes, her aunt, Kristyn Decker, wants her niece to leave her “abusive” Sister Wives homelife.

It’s easy to see that Christine’s aunt, who is also an author, is no fan of Kody Brown by her recent accusations aimed at the Sister Wives patriarch. She sees Kody as a “cult leader” rather than a shared husband of four wives.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Doesn’t Need Enemies With In-laws Like This?

It’s worth noting that this aunt did appear on the Sister Wives show. She also advocated for Christine Brown to join Kody Brown in his plural marriage when Christine contemplated becoming Kody’s third wife. At the time the aunt was still in her plural marriage.

Today, Christine Brown is estranged with her aunt. Kristyn Decker said she’d talk to Christine’s Sister Wives family anytime but she believes they don’t want to talk to her.

It is not known why they don’t talk. But possibly her accusation claiming Kody abusive and Christine miserable might play a part in their estrangement.

She could see that Christine was “crazy” about Kody Brown before they married. So at the time, her advice to her niece was – “go for it.” But at the same time, she wanted to tell Christine Brown to “run” away from a marriage that practices polygamy.

Today the aunt sees Kody Brown as an “abuser” and much like a “cult leader” when it comes to his wives. She claims the women are submissive when it comes to their shared husband. Apparently she doesn’t know Meri Brown very well. The original Sister Wives matriarch paved her own path in life that gives her plenty of independence.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown

Aunt of Christine Brown Talks About Kody Brown And His Money

Kristyn Decker is the author of the book, Fifty Years in Polygamy: Big Secrets and Little White Lies. While the book was released in 2012, it’s still listed on Amazon today where you can buy a copy.

In a recent interview, Christine’s aunt talked about her own heartbreaking and horrendous-sounding experience in a polygamous marriage. But it seems she also concentrated on the famous Sister Wives adults as well.

The aunt claims that while Christine Brown might look happy on screen, she’s not. She also claims that Meri Brown, Janelle Brown, Robyn Brown, as well as Christine Brown,  would find it hard to leave Kody Brown today. She points to the Sister Wives show as the main reason.

Fans of the TLC show pondered for years where the Sister Wives family get all their money. But today Christine’s aunt claims the show is their income. So this makes it hard for even one wife to jump ship, according to this in-law.

This income, along with the traveling and the parties enjoyed by Kody Brown and his family, were all made possible due to Sister Wives, according to the aunt. So if a wife gives up Kody, they give up a lot more as well, like the lifestyle they’ve become accustomed to.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown - Christine Brown

Sister Wives: Jealousy Eats You Up

Kristyn Decker puts emphasis on the jealousy that comes along in a polygamous marriage. She was the first wife in her marriage. This left her heartbroken when her husband took on a second wife. Nothing was the same after that as she always made comparisons.

She said she enjoyed a good sexual relationship with her husband until he married a second wife. The aunt compared herself to this woman constantly. “He loves her more” and “he’d rather be with her than me” were just two of the thoughts frequently popping into her mind.

Christine Brown mirrored some of this jealousy in the book written by the Sister Wives with Kody Brown. Becoming Sister Wives: The Story of an Unconventional Marriage described Christine’s feelings at the time.

The Third Wife of Kody Brown Did Suffer

When Robyn came along, Christine was pregnant with Truely at the time. Then Christine just had Truely when Kody took Robyn on that prolonged honeymoon.

While the Sister Wives episodes didn’t show the full extent of hurt and pain this caused Christine as a mom to a newborn, it was there. Christine was resentful. She felt lost at the time as the jealousy played a number on her. She called it “crippling jealousy” at the time.

So today Christine’s aunt begs her to flee her Sister Wives marriage. At the same time, it sounds as if she mentions her book a few times while tearing apart Kody Brown in this new interview. So this brings up the question of the agenda to this sudden plea for Christine to flee Sister Wives.

Sister Wives – Bad Husband or Sales Boost?

While Kody Brown probably won’t win husband of the year, his wives don’t appear in distress. So is he a sudden victim of a sales ploy for a book? Or does his in-law really have the goods on the inner workings of the Brown clan?

Who better to talk about if you have a book on Amazon about the perils of polygamous marriage than the Sister Wives husband.  Kody Brown is famous, so people will want to hear what Christine’s aunt has to say. But is this fair to her niece? Or even to Kody Brown?

You don’t get the feeling that this aunt witnessed anything at the Sister Wives home from her interview. She seems to equate Christine Brown’s life to her own time in a plural marriage. While Kody’s treatment of his wives is often under scrutiny… does this go too far?

The aunt advocated the marriage niece and even appeared on the show, it appears she didn’t mind the limelight at one time. With her book up for sale on Amazon still, is this possibly one way to give it a new round of sales traction? Or is this a woman genuinely concerned about her niece?

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