Sister Wives: Kody Brown Deserves Privacy or Did That Ship Already Sail?

Sister Wives star Kody Brown and his privacy issues recently sparked a polarizing debate online among fans of this TLC show. Naysayers are no strangers to Kody Brown, and many verbally attack him about his plural marriage. That tendency to bash the leader of the Sister Wives family also came along with another. A faction of fans seem to feel sorry for the women in this plural marriage.

Sister Wives: Viewers Realize It’s More Than Bedrooms for Kody Brown?

These negative comments aimed at Kody appear to be a side effect of this show. Probably because it depicts a man with four wives. Which of course goes against the grain of mainstream society. Taking aim at Kody started early on when the first Sister Wives season debuted on TLC a decade ago.

It seems many of the Sister Wives watchers can’t wrap their heads around this lifestyle. It’s not easy to understand how a man can bed down four different women. Especially with the four women supporting it. These women entered into a polygamous marriage of their own free will. Despite this, some people may look at the wives differently than they do Kody Brown.

When the show first aired, some of the Sister Wives followers saw the wives as victims.  As time went on, viewers saw the wives live this life through their own free will. So as the seasons rolled by, criticism of the family softened somewhat. Yet, many fans still see Kody Brown and his family as different. But many now realize that this relationship tends to work for the Brown brood.

Sister Wives viewers also realized that this relationship is about much more than nighttime activities. Their union is not about what goes on in the four individual wives’ bedrooms. The religious aspect behind Kody Brown’s plural marriage is still hard to fathom for many people out there. But it’s what seems to drive the Brown family’s lifestyle.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Family

Brown Clan’s Greatest Asset – The Children

Probably one of the most positive attributes to come out of this Sister Wives clan is the children. Kody Brown, Meri Brown, Janelle Brown, Christine Brown, and Robyn Brown seem to have wonderful kids. From the toddlers to young adults, these kids look pretty well adjusted. These kids appears to be caring, bright, and well-rounded. Perhaps that helped diminish the negativity initially aimed at Kody taking on four wives.

So, Kody Brown and his wives decided to appear on this reality show. According to the Browns, they did so to educate others on their practice of polygamy. Their TLC debut came at a time that polygamy was under fire for another sect’s negative practices. Kody wanted to show they are much like a traditional family. But instead of one wife and mother, his family boasts four.

Sister Wives: That’s Entertainment

But Kody also offered up his lifestyle as a form of entertainment for the masses via the Sister Wives show. This made his business public knowledge and open to many online debates. The family also made a salary for this show. Not to mention, they became sought-after celebs for promoting products.

So, it’s safe to say the family was compensated for their Sister Wives series with reality show fame and money. Just look at the way this family lives. Each wife resides in a big house with an upscale vehicle in the driveway. They have a handful of kids in college. And Kody Brown just splurged on three weddings for his adult daughters. Not to mention, the family purchased two homes in Flagstaff plus a large property at Coyote Pass along with some pricey rental properties for the expansive Brown family.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown

Privacy Flew the Coop In This TLC Reality Show

Taking all these expensive ventures into consideration, some fans want to know how Kody Brown manages to pay for it all. While that might seem a personal question, after all, Kody opened his family life for the world to see. While the show pays about an estimated $375,000 annually for the combined salaries of Kody Brown and the women he married, that’s not going to pay for everything seen on the show.

Sure, Meri Brown is a top sales associate at LuLaRoe and she owns Lizzie’s Heritage Inn. But that still couldn’t possibly cover what this family seems to spend. Or at least that’s what the fans suggest online. That question about where they get their money for the lifestyle they lead started a heated debate online recently. Some fans thought it was nobody’s business but their own. Other Sister Wives enthusiasts begged to differ.

Sister Wives: Finances, Bedroom Schedule, Big Time Expenses – All Mentioned in Episodes

Kody and his four spouses opened up their lives on reality TV – so they made it people’s business to wonder how they fund their lives. So, it looks like that privacy ship sailed long ago for the Sister Wives patriarch. He opened a can of worms when he first paraded his family’s life in front of the cameras. After almost 10-years of doing so, he’s still paying the price via his lack of privacy.

While some things should remain private within their lives, there’s not much they haven’t touched on across all those seasons. One of the questions the Sister Wives adults are most asked about it Kody Brown’s bedroom schedule. Again, that seems to enter into a very private area of marriage, plural or not. The wives addressed this a few times through the years. They even mentioned Kody bouncing between hotel rooms when they vacationed together.

Fans only ask the questions about what the Sister Wives family addressed on their show, including the financial piece to this plural marriage. It seems fans only follow suit as Kody Brown tends to make many aspects of his life open for all to see. So, while some things probably should be only the Brown’s business, Kody Brown opened the door when he put their business out there for others to see.

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