‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Once Billed as Nightly Performer By Spouses?

Sister Wives spouses once put Kody Brown on a towering pedestal created by the overwhelming amount of praise they tossed his way. Apparently, times have changed as those adoring quips made by the SW women seem to come from only one wife today and it’s not Robyn.

Watching Sister Wives co-stars interact on their show, gives the viewers an indication of where they are today in their relationship. Besides the show, there’s a lot to be said from what’s plucked from their social media pages as well.

Sister Wives: Women Once Seemed to Worship Kody Brown

When Kody Brown first introduced Sister Wives to the nation, he and his spouses were quite the curiosity. Polygamy had a bad rap as older men took on child brides in a sector of this lifestyle that had nothing to do with Kody or his family.

For that reason, along with a few more, Kody Brown and his wives decided a reality show might set the story straight. They billed themselves as a regular family with one difference. Kody had four wives and the wives continue to bear his children.

Soon viewers of Sister Wives saw what great moms these women were to not only their own biological children but to all Kody Brown’s kids.

Kody and His Nightly Duties – The Roster

Immediately viewers of the show gravitated toward the bedroom activities of a man with four wives. When Sister Wives co-star revealed they had a bedroom schedule, that instantly made headline news. Kody Brown graced the bedroom of his first three wives once every three nights.

When Robyn became the fourth wife, they each got him once every four nights. This is what the wives said during the early interviews when the show was still new. Sure this is old news, but what the wives alluded to in one of those interviews paints a picture that’s so different from today. It shows how times have changed for the SW clan.

Sister Wives: Papa Brown In Nightly Performance?

According to an archived Sister Wives article, Kody Brown was pretty active when the sun went down. The article said, “Apparently Kody enjoys performing each night, although the wives did not come out and say this, they alluded to it.” That seems to be a far cry from today’s bedroom status.

The wives once gushed about the husband with four wives like he was something really special. Today they’re either more realistic about their relationships or things have changed in this plural marriage.

Kody Quite Embarrassing

It seems Kody Brown made it common knowledge that he no longer craves intimacy with Meri. He took the liberty of sharing that embarrassing tidbit a while back during an interview. They talk about this in the interview above as well

Other reports put Kody with only Robyn today when it comes to intimacy. Reports say he only shares Robyn’s bed these days.

So which wife still woos Kody with admiration? Despite fans thinking that Robyn is his favorite wife, it’s not her. It’s Christine. Take a look at her social media account in comparison to the other Sister Wives. Meri is all business lately when it comes to what she posts. Janelle is pretty much the same.

Sister Wives Ladies Speak Up Today

Robyn doesn’t seem to have a problem with dissing her man in public comments. So instead of staying rather neutral in her posts like Meri and Janelle, Robyn will poke Kody with a stick and it looks like he keeps coming back for more. Like the post above where she basically tells him I told you so.

Then there’s Christine. She posts things like what you see below. Christine tells him that he’s stuck with her. She loves this guy. But Instead of Kody Brown returning the affection – he thanks her. Maybe something like you’re stuck with me too would have been a nice reply. Nope, this Sister Wives patriarch just thanks her.

Prime Time Wanes With Husband

It looks as if things are so not the same from back when Kody Brown and his Sister Wives family first debuted on TLC. Kody is not at a premium for his nightly performances these days and at least one of the SW clan mows right over him.  Robyn also barked at Kody last week when he got flustered while talking land prices.

While the family viewed Coyote Pass, the thought of all that money needed for building homes overwhelmed Kody. Robyn stepped up and told him he needed to eat. She brazenly took the reigns and ended the land viewing process while the other wives looked on with blank stares.

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