‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Doesn’t Make Daughter’s Coolest Guys’ List?

Sister Wives star Kody Brown seems to pride himself on being a cool guy with his long flowing hair, sports car, and his signature dance moves. He also appears to take pride in the loving devotion he gives and receives from his Sister Wives brood.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Gets New Best Friend

Now that a good number of Kody Brown’s kids are adults, hanging out with them is a bit different today than when they were kids. He claims his best friend is Maddie Brown Brush’s husband Caleb Brush.

Those best bro words came from a tearful Kody Brown when saying goodbye to the young couple. He said it during a scene as they parted ways while tears welled in his eyes. The bulk of the Sister Wives clan went to Flagstaff with Caleb and Maddie headed towards their new North Carolina home.

Kody sees his daughter’s hubby as his best friend. So, it seems Maddie would probably see her dad as one of the coolest guys she knows. That is after Caleb and their son Axel Brush. But that doesn’t appear to be the case.

When a Sister Wives follower recently asked her a question about cool men, the answer surprised some fans. “Who is the coolest guy you know?” That’s beside Caleb and Axle, who the fan surmised came first. Not only did Maddie offer up her answer with words, but she posted a picture of the guy.

No, it wasn’t her Sister Wives‘ father, Kody Brown. The answer to that question is as plain as day from Maddie in the post below.

Sister Wives - Maddie Brown Brush Names Coolest Guy

Kudos For Hunter Brown But What About Dad?

They say a picture is worth a thousand words and maybe the photo above speaks to Maddie’s surprising answer. Which cool guy is there holding the two most important people in Maddie’s life under the age of five?

Also, which cool guy took the time to fly down to North Carolina to visit with the only two grandchildren in the Sister Wives tribe so far? Apparently cool doesn’t mean looking hip and doing things usually reserved for the younger set. Not to Maddie anyway.

From the picture she posted, “cool” means something different to the mom of two. It seems a cool guy for Maddie is a guy who spends time with her kids. She seemed to indicate this with the photo above.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Showing Off Muscles

Sister Wives: Cool Means Something Different for Maddie Brown?

As a mom, it appears that the description of cool takes on a different meaning for Maddie. Sure, in the Kody Brown picture above, that might be considered a cool-look for the Sister Wives patriarch. But it appears Hunter hit that cool mark for Maddie Brown Brush.

It also looks like Maddie might be attempting a little match-making for her brother. She posted the online address for folks to follow Hunter Brown. Both Maddie and Hunter are Janelle Brown and Kody Brown’s biological kids. So they are full siblings. But the adults in the Sister Wives marriage tend to see all the kids as their very own.

As far as Kody Brown not making it as his Sister Wives‘ daughter’s coolest guys pick, the fan only asked for one name. Possibly if the question asked for her to name a few, Kody would have shown up. But for now, it seems that Maddie Brown sees her brother Hunter as one cool guy.

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