‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Finds Water Scalding After Bath He Gave Wives

Sister Wives celeb Kody Brown recently checked out the temperature of the water online but even before he could get one toe in, he got burned. Usually, when he pops back up on social media after a long hiatus he’s not met with open arms.

His treatment towards all his wives during the last season caused fans to pounce when he opened the virtual door. This is especially true when Meri Brown’s die-hard fans saw the opportunity. They came out swinging.

Sister Wives: Yes, Kody Brown Really Did This

You could chalk it up to rumor if the fans hadn’t seen it all for themselves on last season of Sister Wives. Kody Brown treated Meri mean and he came off as brutal while doing so.

Kody Brown gave the fans enough evidence to dislike him as Meri’s husband and as a human being as well. He blindsided Meri during the scenes from the therapist’s office by berating her to no end.

The Sister Wives patriarch made his marriage to Meri sound just awful. He basically dismissed his life with her as a wife for the last 30 years. Kody claimed Meri tricked him into marriage.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown

Fury Festered Until Kody Brown Hopped Online

Meri Brown’s followers were furious. Even those who don’t particularly find Meri Brown one of their favorite wives on Sister Wives were outraged at this shared husband.

Kody remained quiet online pretty much since the last Sister Wives episode rolled out. But out of the blue, he decided to share with his followers that he feels he still has something to prove at 52.

At the same time, he also posted a quote from a late president and said, “I ask myself: What is the next right move?”

.That was a loaded question and Sister Wives followers offered plenty of loaded comments. This was one of the first chances for fans to send a message to Kody since the last Sister Wives season ended.

Kody Brown opened the flood gates to people who verbally stoned him over him uprooting his family against his Sister Wives ladies’ wishes. Other fans thought his post might be a play on Meri’s long goodbye.

Meri posts about making a move and now it sounds like he is too. But this opened the door for the Kody Brown lashing over the way he treated his first Sister Wives spouse.

Sister Wives - Mariah Brown - Kody Brown

Sister Wives: Not Candidate For Father Of The Year?

Fans of the TLC series blasted him for their treatment of Meri. They also attempted to shame him as well. Kody made it sound like his marriage to Meri was nothing but a sham at that therapist’s appointment.

Kody Brown claims Meri orchestrated everything during their courtship to trick him into marriage. Fans wanted to know how he expects his daughter Mariah Brown to feel about that? Since that marriage should not have happened, what is he saying to Mariah? Fans worried how this probably crushed the Sister Wives’ daughter to hear her father say such things.

Mariah wrote a scathing warning not too long ago. Her anger wrapped around every word. At the time some fans wondered if she aimed this at Meri. The harsh warning promised that she’ll disown anyone who says they love her and then votes for a candidate she doesn’t like.

But maybe it wasn’t Meri. Could it be Kody she was alluding to? After all, Mariah more than likely caught those scenes at the marriage counselor when they aired. So just maybe that anger she displayed was due to Kody.

Maybe his politics don’t jive with hers which brought that anger to its head. No one talked about Mariah’s horrific outbursts Not a word came from the family or even Mariah herself.

It looks as if Kody Brown has a very good reason not to address the viewers of the TLC reality series online. It’s as if no one heard a word he said. Instead, it just opened up a platform for a public tar and feathering. Now fans know why Kody tends to shy away from social media.

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