‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Claims at 52 He Has Something to Prove – Fans Agree

Sister Wives celeb Kody Brown breaks his online silence as it seems to dawn on him he’s getting older and there’s something he needs to prove. But he made the mistake of asking fans – “would it be wise” to do this.  The Sister Wives fans hopped online to let him know just how wise it is.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Divides the Fans

The Sister Wives patriarch wasn’t quite clear about what it is that he needs to prove. After dropping a quote by Socrates, it first seemed as if he was borrowing a page from his first wife’s book. Meri Brown talks in riddles these days by posting cryptic messages.

But two camps seem to emerge around Kody Brown’s comment. Each camp appeared to offer a different theory on what the Sister Wives husband was attempting to say.

Kody posted the quote from Socrates below and said that it’s advice that he should use himself. He followed that with, “At 52 I still feel like I have something to prove…..but would it be wise?” It’s that last part – asking if it would be a wise thing for him to do – that the fans had a field day by supplying him answers.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Posts Socrates Quote

Kody Thinking About His Own Campaign?

Kody Brown also included a quote from a late president. The quote said that “freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction”.

So, some of the Sister Wives enthusiasts thought he was possibly talking about dipping his foot in the politics pool. Running for office is something the Sister Wives father of 18 ponders now and again but he’s never acted on. So far, that is.

Is this what he has to prove? Anyway, fans weren’t acting as a cheerleading section for a campaign. Many thought he should take care of his wives. Out of the four women he married, all but one seemed to be an emotional mess last season.

Only Janelle Brown seemed to come through the season unscathed by Kody’s unfortunate moves. She also wasn’t part of what looked like jealousy between a few wives. One commenter told the leader of the Sister Wives pack that he should worry about his own debt. As in how he is going to pay his own taxes before worrying about anything else.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown - Kody Brown

Sister Wives: Getting Body and Mind in Shape?

It seems the majority of the Sister Wives online audience thought Kody was talking about going to the gym and getting into shape. He got plenty of encouragement to do this. Although he might have felt older after reading some of the comments.

One woman compared him to her grandmother who continued to go to the gym in her 90s. She said it was never too old to start. She also told the Sister Wives shared husband that it got her grandmother in shape to the point that she recovered quickly from a broken hip.

While some mocked Kody Brown as it’s a vanity thing for him, this woman, whose grandmother went to the gym, finished off by saying as long as it’s a “personal challenge” and not a “vanity thing.” It sounds as if she’s seen Kody in action on the Sister Wives series when a mirror is in eyeshot.

Kody Brown got a few inspirational comments but many took the opportunity to slip their own message into the comment section. One woman talked about her buff husband who never stepped foot in a gym.

Her husband kept himself fit by doing manual work. This looked like a zinger suggesting maybe Kody could give that a try. Well, he asked… “will it be wise” to try and prove whatever it is to himself at his age.

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