‘Sister Wives’: Christine Brown Chews Out Kody over Selfish Deed This Weekend

Sister Wives celeb Christine Brown put Kody Brown in his place over the weekend after he embarked on what some fans called a selfish act. After getting a glimpse at what the father of 18 did, you can understand why Christine asked her shared husband if he was 10. It appears to the fans of the TLC series that Kody did act more like a youngster than a father and grandfather.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Creation Ruined By Kody Brown

Christine Brown seems to think the way to Kody Brown’s heart is through his stomach as she frequently offers him gobs of food. She’s usually the wife who rustles up the grub for the Sister Wives clan during the holidays. While the other wives chip in, the organizing and the majority of the dishes come from Christine’s kitchen.

Christine Brown, the third wife to join the Sister Wives tribe, prides herself on the Thanksgiving rolls she bakes. She made them through the seasons, especially during the holidays. So, those rolls became well-known to the show’s followers.

It looks like this Sister Wives chef enticed her audience over the weekend with a promise. To sell more of her merchandise during a live sale event, Christine made those famous rolls. The fans not only got to see her make them, but they scored the family recipe as well.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Thanksgiving Rolls

Christine Whips Up a Sales Ploy

In hopes that her fans wanted her recipe for the rolls to serve at their own Thanksgiving tables, Christine Brown got busy. She offered a baking demonstration of her Sister Wives famous rolls.

While all went well with both the sales and her baking demonstration, the aftermath of it all seems to tell a story. Without a doubt, those rolls looked delicious. Fans couldn’t say enough about how appetizing they looked. Apparently, someone within Christine’s household eyed these rolls as well – Kody.

Those rolls were safe when it came to the Sister Wives audience. They couldn’t reach into the screen and grab a couple. But someone lurking around Christine’s house put those fresh hot rolls in jeopardy. That’s Kody, and fans had a lot to say about what he did.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown

Sister Wives: Is Kody 10 Or Just Inconsiderate?

Mind you, this family has a slew of kids plus five adults to feed. But it seems the Sister Wives patriarch left his mark on every roll Christine baked. Above Christine shows what her freshly baked rolls look like. But the next picture shows what they look like after Kody Brown got a hold of them.

While Christine Brown haphazardly gave Kody a good talking too, she seemed to have fun with it. Even Janelle piped up and joked about. It seems Kody Brown took the tops off all the rolls and left the bottoms mushed and destroyed, as seen above.

While the Sister Wives fans thought that was the most inconsiderate thing to do, Christine made a joke of it. The fans appeared more concerned about Kody’s selfish act than she did.

The followers of this TLC reality series didn’t look at Kody Brown like a cute kid, which both Christine and Janelle seemed to do.

Bun Mutilation

Unappetizing Mess Left By Kody

Kody Brown ruined all the rolls and took the tops for himself. But while doing that he mangled the rolls. So, they don’t look very appetizing for anyone else who comes along.

Sister Wives enthusiasts thought this showed just how selfish Kody is. He has a ton of kids around who would probably have enjoyed a roll or two. But it was if this guy marked his territory by mutilating them so he could get the best part, the buttery tops.

Fans pointed out this was a deed that shows a complete disregard for anyone else who might have come along and wanted a roll. But some fans took Kody’s side, suggesting many people break cookies. But it wasn’t as if he did this to one roll, it looks like the entire tray suffered Kody’s mutilation.

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