‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown’s Failure Turned Into Big Bucks

Sister Wives star Kody Brown started out on television to show the world that his family was not only happy but normal as well. He never mentioned a thing about fame and money. But all that seemed to change once he was recognized on the street as the Sister Wives patriarch and his bank account grew.

Showing his happy and normal family was Kody Brown’s mission when he started off in the first season of his TLC big hit. But either he was kidding himself or he was quick to find out that happiness doesn’t bring in the viewers.

Sister Wives soon turned into four women attempting to navigate some rough roads with their marriage to the same man. Suddenly the display of happiness turned into jealousy, scorn, pain, and tears.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Paints Beautiful Picture

When Sister Wives first aired, many questions surfaced for Kody Brown and his four wives during the interviews they gave. The sleeping arrangements were the most perplexing aspect to those who were intrigued by the show.

Meri Brown piped up during one of the earlier family interviews to say they don’t do “weird”. She was responding to questions about all the wives and Kody sleeping together. It was during that interview that they set the fans straight. They made sure the audience knew that it was one wife at a time in their own bedroom and he takes turns.

That was just par for the course when it came to the Sister Wives fans a decade ago. Kody Brown and his four women came with enough curiosity to draw even the meekest of mindsets to their series. Everyone wanted to see how this worked.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown

Family Harmony Starts to Miss a Few Beats

While the first few episodes seemed to highlight the normal happiness that Kody laid out as the setting of his household, it soon started to unravel. The Sister Wives clan promoted their show as a normal family with one difference only, four wives instead of one.

Each wife had a place in the household. Before Robyn Brown joined the family, Christine was the homemaker, which included watching the kids. Janelle was the breadwinner, and Meri went back to school. After Robyn joined, the positions got a bit blurred.

But one thing was for sure, jealousy was and still is alive and well within the Brown household. For a place that blooms happiness, it didn’t look that way in the Sister Wives kingdom after several episodes rolled by.

Under Kody Brown’s watch, tears were more the soup of the day after several episodes rolled by. The majority of these tears seemingly came from Meri Brown.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown - Flagstaff House


Sister Wives: Did Kody Play By the Ratings?

Much like today, Meri seemed to be the most unhappy out of all four wives. Christine appeared as the most scorned with her disdain for Kody over the lack of attention she got due to his new wife, Robyn. Janelle later admitted to her unhappiness at the time but she hardly ever showed it on screen.

Whether Kody Brown planned these demonstrations of anger, hurt feelings, and wives feeding slighted or scorned on camera is unknown. But without it, a happy Sister Wives family would probably breed curiosity for just a couple of seasons, never-mind 15. Sister Wives films it’s 15th season today.

Did Kody Brown see the ratings grow as the wives agonized over one dilemma or another? Or did he plan it this way? His plans to demonstrate this polygamous marriage comes with great happiness seemed to fail.

Two wives up and left Kody at different times during the decade of Sister Wives seasons. Janelle and Christine eventually came back but they carried that baggage back with them. Then there’s one wife who seems to have had one foot out the door for years. That’s Meri and she appears to draw out her potential goodbye still today.

Any way you look at it, his failed attempt to show happiness among five adults in a polygamous marriage turned into the big bucks for him.

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