‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Admits Faking It with All 4 Wives

Sister Wives star Kody Brown often seems to bypass that adult filter, the one where you pause before you blurt out your ridiculous thoughts. Many things in the past came out of his mouth. But it’s the jaw-dropping statements that the audience of his TLC reality show remembers so well.

Out of all the snafus he’s made in the past, this one stands out as a doozy among them. This also speaks to the “selfish” side of Kody that many of the fans claim to witness throughout the decade of Sister Wives seasons.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Inserts Foot In Mouth – Again

If you ever wondered how genuine he is at times, well you can hear it in his own words in an archived video. For a decade the Sister Wives series has entertained those folks intrigued by a man with four wives. Many ponder how this guy handles the needs of these four women when the cameras stop rolling.

A while back Kody shared just how he handles his four Sister Wives spouses. While he talks in the interview video below, you can almost feel embarrassed for him.

It seems he thinks that his strategy is a good one. The Sister Wives patriarch offers this up to all the husbands out there. After all, most husbands deal with only one spouse. So, it sounds like he considers himself somewhat of an expert keeping for wives’ content.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown - Kody Brown - Christine Brown - Robyn Brown - Janelle Brown

Faking It Works For Papa Brown?

Kody Brown sounds as if he actually believes this is the best way to keep harmony among the women he married. The keyword to his tactic is “validation,” according to the leader of the Sister Wives.

Now comes the part where you could almost feel embarrassed for all five adults in this Sister Wives plural marriage. Kody says this with all four wives listening. So, you can just imagine what the car ride home was like after this.

He tells the interviewer when a wife comes to him with her complaints, he knows just what to say. If one of his Sister Wives says “I am so sore” from working out, he tells her he’s so sorry “baby” that you are hurting.

When he hears – “honey, I really missed you today because you haven’t been around and you’ve been with another wife,” he has one for that too. Kody will say “I am so sorry” then he finishes this off with, “That must be really hard on you when I am not around”.

As you can see in the screenshots above, it looks like only one wife out four found this amusing. It looks like three out of the four faces appear perplexed at best.

Okay, so it seems like Kody said he’s faking his reaction to his wives.  Apparently he thinks “You don’t have to be that guy”. Instead,  just act like it for the sake of keeping things on an even keel. He also claims that “you don’t have to own it”. This sounds like he’ll say it whether he believes it or not.

The Sister Wives shared husband calls this validation and claims that he worked hard at this.

Sister Wives: ‘Me’ – All About ‘Me’

Besides this tip that he passes along to husbands out there, he has a tip for fathers as well. The segment started off nicely. The interviewer asked for some of the things they do to keep the family bond strong.

Christine dazzled with her very own strategy as a mom. She makes sure she spends one-on-one time with each of her kids. It doesn’t matter where they are. It also doesn’t matter what they do during this time.

It’s important for the kids to feel special and this seems to do the trick. Plus Christine enjoys the time spent with each of the individual kids. When it came to Kody’s advice, it was all about him.

Kody Brown’s tip for all the dads out there – kids tend to get heavier as they grow. When picking them up, this could put a strain on a father’s back. Yep, this is the Sister Wives dad of 18, and his secret for keeping that family bond intact.

Kody Brown claims this is why he has pull-up bars in three doorways. This allows him to do pull-ups frequently. Building strength for when they pick up kids is Kody’s tip for dads.

He recommends they follow his lead and get themselves to the point where they can do 20 at a time. So there, fans got to hear how Kody can do 20 pull-ups at a time.

It wasn’t a suggestion like the one Christine made. She does something that benefits the kid. But instead, no, it’s all about Kody Brown and his upper body strength. This acts as a guard against Kody Brown straining himself when picking up any of his kids.

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