‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown a ‘Blessing’ to Family – Ignored On Father’s Day?

Sister Wives star Kody Brown has 18 kids so you’d expect his Father’s Day celebration to be huge but it looks like things may have changed. All through the last decade of the Sister Wives seasons, his co-wives said wonderful things about the man who fathered all their children.

When Father’s Day came along they sent out all kinds of gushing posts. They addressed their shared husband’s skills as a dad. But something seemed to change among the co-wives of Sister Wives in the last few years.

Sister Wives: Admiration of Kody Brown Once Flowed On Father’s Day

Robyn Brown doesn’t usually utilize her social media platforms. But for Father’s Day, she’d post something about Kody Brown. That’s all in the past as this year she’s offered nothing. Robyn seemed to regard Kody Brown as the best hubby and father in the land. At one time she shared her thoughts with the Sister Wives’ audience.

For Father’s Day back in 2015 Robyn shared a post about Kody Brown. She said how she felt about the man she married as a father to her kids. Robyn gave a glowing shout-out to Kody on this special day five years ago.

She said: “Happy Father’s Day! You will always be a hero in my book because of your love and devotion to all of our 18 children”.

That same year, Christine chimed in online, as well as Janelle. Christine told the world, that their kids are “blessed” with a dad like Kody Brown. Janelle went even a bit further in detail. She shared how “engaged” Kody acts when he’s with his kids. These women seemed in awe of Kody and his ways as the Sister Wives’ father to their kids.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown - Christine Brown - Father's Day Tweets 2015

No Happy Father’s Day Online This Year?

Janelle made Kody sound like the true leader of the Brown clan when she expressed how the older kids seek counsel from him. That was in her 2015 Father’s Day post.

On Father’s Day Sunday this year, no one from the Sister Wives clan seems to mention Kody on social media as the day rolled on. During the earlier years of the Sister Wives series, the wives painted a serious picture of their admiration for Kody and his leadership.

But that doesn’t seem to be the case today. There’s not much praise offered up by his wives as they did years ago when Sister Wives first aired..

Sister Wives; Kody Brown

Sister Wives: Not Even the Kids?

Of course, it sounds as if the family still finds themselves plagued with problems today. The Sister Wives viewers got to see the full spectrum of problems this family faces the last few seasons. They range from relationships tanking to financial hardships.

On Father’s Day Sunday, June 21, 2020, no one seems to address Kody online as the day rolled on. Meri Brown put up a photo of her late dad and said nice things about her memories with the man she called dad. But nothing about the man who is dad to her daughter.

Madison Brown offered up a Happy Father’s Day post to the man “who makes our beautiful life possible.” But that came with a picture of Caleb Brush, her husband. Not Kody Brown.

It looks like they are either celebrating secretly this year or the road got even bumper since viewers saw them last. Of course, the co-wives can post pictures tomorrow of a celebration for Kody.

But as of dinnertime on Sunday, there are no Father’s Day wishes for the Sister Wives patriarch to be found online today.

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