‘Sister Wives’: Christine Tries to Raise $50,000 Surgery Co-Pay – Fans Slam Kody Brown

Sister Wives celeb Christine Brown hopes she can make enough money from her online sales to fund a much-needed surgery for her daughter. Then she said she couldn’t offer any more details, including her daughter’s name. But Christine did shed a few more details as she talked to her Sister Wives followers during a live sales pitch to her online group.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Can’t Say – But She Does

At first, Christine Brown suggested that her fans can surmise which daughter needed the surgery. This mom from Sister Wives told her potential customers that the family talked about it at length on the Sister Wives show.

Many fans now assume it is Ysabel Brown, who was diagnosed with scoliosis. In an attempt to ward off surgery, Ysabel opted for a program that included holistic exercises and wearing a back brace.

Christine and Kody Brown hoped this would work. Although, the doctors did say there was a good chance she’d be looking at surgery down the road. The medical professionals didn’t hold out too much hope that the holistic attempts alone would work.

They didn’t expect it would work well enough to correct the curve in her spine without surgical intervention. So, from what Christine said, it sounds as if that time has come.

When Christine Brown was asked a few weeks back online about Ysabel’s prognosis, she couldn’t answer. She said the info is under a non-discloser agreement as this is part of the new Sister Wives season.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown - Ysabel Brown

Working Hard to Get the Money Needed

Christine Brown did say in her video clip online that she’s working hard at sales to help fund this surgery for her child. The Sister Wives family needs a “down payment” of  $50,000 before the procedure can take place.

This is with their medical insurance, the $50,000 is the part the insurance doesn’t cover. So, it sounds as if the financial problems just got bigger for the five parents of the Brown brood.

Christine said just the right words that might prompt her fans to jump online and spend more than they intended to. It appears via comments that the Sister Wives viewers just now heard of this fundraiser and Christine’s dilemma.

It sounds as if the new season of Sister Wives gets pretty dicey. So far, there’s a worried mom trying the best she can to raise the money to get her daughter the surgery she needs.

Sister Wives - Ysabel Brown - Kody Brown - Christine Brown


Sister Wives: Fans Remind Christine – Her Child Has Two Parents

Where is Kody Brown in all of this? The fans want to know just what he is doing to make sure their daughter gets the surgery she needs. Other Sister Wives enthusiasts question their health insurance situation.

Some chime in to say they can’t believe any family would have a co-pay of $50K for a child’s surgery. Then, of course, the questions about the money they rake in from the show pop up.

This family looks well-off with their expensive homes and cars. But something so vital as surgery for their daughter leaves Christine Brown alone attempting to raise the funds?

Fans don’t appear very happy with Kody Brown over this. One online Sister Wives blogger suggests that Kody Brown has to be the worst handler of finances the world has ever known.

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