‘Sister Wives’: Christine Brown Dashes to Co-wife’s House for Help in Christmas Mishap

Sister Wives star Christine Brown planned a different type of holiday this year but driving across town looking for help wasn’t part of it. Christmas stockings hung by the fire with care and the smell of home cooking filled the air at Christine’s house. But something happened to disrupt that scene for this Sister Wives mom.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Hightails It to Janelle Brown’s Place

Apparently, Ysabel Brown knocked over a glass Christmas tree ornament. Anyone who ever hung one of these holiday ornaments on their tree knows the mess they make when they break. Especially if one drops from some height, shards of glass can scatter throughout the room. So, this sounds like the scenario at Christine Brown’s Sister Wives’ house yesterday.

While cleaning up the mess, the third wife from this plural marriage stepped on a piece of that ornament’s glass. Apparently, it was so tiny that Christine referred to it as a “splinter”.  What most folks would do is turn to a family member at home for help if you can’t remove it yourself.

Apparently, she did. But it was Ysabel who was home at the time and extracting anything from her Sister Wives’ mom’s foot wasn’t going to happen. In a moving version of her “Car Confession” blurbs Christine tells the camera Ysabel basically couldn’t stomach the thought of removing that splinter.

Sister Wives: Ysabel Brown - Christine Brown

Many Perks Of Having Co-Wives

While all the co-wives from the Sister Wives series boast about the perks of having multiple wives, it looks like this incident highlights one of them. Instead of seeking medical help from a local ER room, Christine Brown had another option.

She hopped in the car with that splinter in her foot and headed over to Janelle Brown’s house. While it wasn’t actually the help of another co-wife that she sought help from, it was one of Janelle’s offspring,

It seems she alerted Logan Brown, the oldest of all the Sister Wives kids, that she needed a foreign object extracted from her foot. So she expected to meet up with Logan who apparently was ready and waiting to assist his other Sister Wives mother.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown

Sister Wives: Ysabel Brown Along For The Ride

While Christine Brown talked into her dashboard camera, she turned it to focus on the passenger seat. There sat Ysabel. She agreed that she couldn’t possibly remove that tiny piece of glass.  The teen also admitted to the mishap though, backing her Sister Wives mom up as to what happened.

Ysabel is not a little kid anymore. She’ll turn 18 in March but apparently, she’s squeamish when it comes to extracting an object from her mom’s foot.  So, as the daughter-mom duo made their way to Janelle’s house for help, the video ended.

Viewers didn’t get to see what happened from there. But with Logan home for the holidays, Christine lucked out that he was willing to pluck out that splinter and ease her pain.

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