‘Sister Wives’: Christine Brown Double Take – Looks like She’s a Triplet? [Pics]

Sister Wives star Christine Brown comes from a long line of polygamy in her family history with many relatives that she’s still never met. If fans didn’t know any better and if this was another century into the future, you might think Christine Brown has been cloned.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Looks Like She’s a Triplet

Not one, but two of Christine Brown’s female relatives popped up recently online in photos. Even after looking at the pictures for more than the traditional glance, it’s hard to tell them apart from the Sister Wives celeb.

Christine is staying with her sister and it appears that location lies somewhere along the New Jersey shore. While the third wife of the Sister Wives clan didn’t divulge this info due to her nondisclosure contract, it appears she’s there for more than just a visit.

Reports indicate she flew into the New York City area with a few of her daughters along on this trip. The same reports also say that she needs to quarantine for two weeks before Ysabel Brown’s scheduled surgery. The teen will undergo a procedure to correct the curve in her spine. Scoliosis is the medical term for her diagnosis.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown and her Sister from New Jersey

Who’s Who on the Beach?

It appears that surgery will take place somewhere near where Christine’s sister lives. Her sibling’s home seems to be this Sister Wives mom’s home-base for the next several weeks while they go through Ysabel’s journey to straighten her spine via surgery.

But because this is also part of the new season’s storyline, Christine Brown can’t say too much about this. So while they quarantine at her sister’s home it looks like they enjoy some of the isolated sights in the area, like the empty beaches.

While at the beach the pictures indicated they were very much alone. So, the two sisters enjoyed their time together.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Has Many Faces

Sister Wives: The Many Faces of Christine Brown

Christine appears at the beach in several photos on her social media account. But in one shot she sits next to her sister at the beach. While she writes this in the caption, she didn’t have to. She looks so much like Christine that she could pass as a twin.

If just the sister appeared in the photo without Christine, you’d probably think it was the Sister Wives celebrity. But that’s not the only lookalike to pop up lately online. The three pics below show Anna LeBaron, a second cousin to Christine Brown.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Look Alike Second Cousin Anna LeBaron

Another Relative Clone?

Christine Brown has a cousin, Anna LeBaron, who she’s never met. Anna said they probably never will but she would like to very much. It is a long and rather personal story, but by now most Sister Wives fans caught wind of it. It seems Christine’s great uncle allegedly murdered her grandfather.

The daughter of the man who did the alleged killing appears around the same age as Christine Brown. She recently did an interview and added more details to the story. Since it was Anna’s father who reportedly killed Christine’s grandfather, it doesn’t seem like circumstances to meet will materialize in the future.

But this woman looks so much like the Sister Wives wife and mom that you’ll probably find yourself doing a double-take. Anna LeBaron is the daughter of Ervil LeBaron, the man accused of the murder.

While Anna talks about her father killing Christine’s grandfather, he also allegedly killed at least 25 other people. But if Christine and Anna never meet, they can’t deny the uncanny resemblance. It almost looks as if they could be twins.

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