‘Sister Wives’: Why Kody Brown Will Miss Daughter Ysabel’s Surgery

Sister Wives star Kody Brown‘s daughter, Ysabel Brown, is scheduled to have major surgery later this month. However, the father of 18 will not be attending the 12-hour surgery. Thankfully Ysabel’s mother, Christine Brown, along with two of her sisters, Gwendlyn Brown and Truely  Brown, will be by her side before and after the lengthy operation. Here’s why the family says Kody Brown will be a no-show at Ysabel Brown’s upcoming surgery.

Sister Wives: Ysabel Brown Diagnosed With Scoliosis

Sister Wives fans first learned of Ysabel Brown’s scoliosis diagnosis in 2017. However, Christine and Kody’s daughter was dealing with it for several years before going public. Ysabel’s condition is a sideways curvature of her spine. Scoliosis is most common during a growth spurt during childhood. Ysabel Brown was diagnosed around age 12.

The Sister Wives family did everything they could to avoid surgery for Ysabel. She wore a night brace to hopefully stop the curvature. Sadly that didn’t work so they went to both day and night bracing. Again that did not work. Kody Brown was adamant about a surgical remedy. Now we realize monetary concerns played into his decision. The Browns would have nearly $50K in out of pocket expenses for Ysabel’s surgery. However, now that all options are exhausted, Ysabel finally undergoes the lengthy surgery to correct her aggressive curve.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown - Ysabel Brown - Truely Brown - Gwendlyn Brown

Kody Brown Not Attending Ysabel’s Surgery

Sister Wives alum Ysabel Brown will have her long-awaited scoliosis surgery later this month. She along with her sister Truely and Gwendlyn are now in New Jersey in advance of her surgery. The Brown ladies spent some time prior with Maddie Brown Brush and her family in North Carolina. Since NJ requires visitors from many states to self-quarantine for 14 days upon arrival, this is what they are doing to prepare for Ysabel’s surgery and hospitalization.

Sister Wives patriarch Kody Brown will miss his daughter’s surgery. This was leaked by his daughter Mykelti Brown Padron during one of her live LuLaRoe sales events the other day. She says the family decided it was best for the dad of 18 to stay behind for the sake of the rest of the family. It seems Kody would have to also quarantine 14 days before and again 14 days after the surgery before returning to Flagstaff.

So the Sister Wives TLC family decided they couldn’t be without him for an entire month. Although Ysabel certainly needs him there, she understands her siblings also need their dad. Thankfully she has her doting mother and two of her sisters to be there for her during this scary time.

Sister Wives: Is It COVID Or Robyn Brown The Real Reason Kody Stays Home?

Fans of the Sister Wives believe Kody Brown’s fourth wife (and legal wife) Robyn Brown is his favorite of all his wives. In fact, most believe the only real marriage he has is with Robyn.

Many Sister Wives followers are just not buying into the fact Kody’s needed for the family as the reason he’s not attending the surgery in New Jersey for Ysabel. To be completely honest, the only family that really would “need” Kody is Robyn and her kids.

Meri Brown from Sister Wives lives alone and is self-sufficient. Janelle has never really need Kody. Plus she has a few of her sons with her right now anyway. Two of Christine’s daughters are married and the three that do live with her made the trip to be by their sister’s side.

So it’s obvious Robyn is the reason Kody is not going to be there for Ysabel and not the quarantine requirements for COVID-19. So to be clear, Kody is sacrificing Ysabel for Robyn and her five children —at least that how it looks to the outside world.

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