‘Sister Wives’: Christine Brown and Ysabel Brown in Risky Prank – Did Cool Mom Gig Go Too Far?

Sister Wives star Christine Brown probably didn’t think about the possible danger before allowing Ysabel Brown to do this prank at home. But before Ysabel takes flight it’s not hard to see the potential hazard in attempting this stunt.

It’s a scene better left to the movies and a stunt person. It doesn’t look like it turned out so good for Christine Brown’s daughter or the family’s Christmas tree. But the Sister Wives mom happened to catch Ysabel Brown’s leap on video then post it online to show just how wrong it went.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Goes Too Far as Kool-Aid Mom?

Christine Brown (the third wife of the Sister Wives plural marriage) gets very involved with all Kody Brown’s kids. Spending time with your children is a good thing but it seems this recent activity didn’t play out the way Christine planned.

It’s Christmas time and at the house of this particular Sister Wives spouse, that means a lot of decorations, a Christmas tree, and Christmas movies. Christine Brown’s house looked ready for the holidays when she agreed to this kid’s prank.

Apparently, while watching the holiday favorite “Elf” Ysabel Brown asked her mom if she could mimic a scene in the movie. Christine Brown agreed and even decided to film it.

Apparently, at this point, Christine still didn’t think Ysabel was going to use enough force to take flight while lunging at the tree. But… she did.

Sister Wives: Ysabel Brown

What Was this Mom Thinking?

You can hear Christine in the background of the video egging on her this Sister Wives teen. It seems Ysabel Brown wants to take a running jump into their Christmas tree just like Elf did when he wanted to put the star o the top. It seems that’s fine with Christine Brown who helps her orchestrate the scene for Ysabel.

So Christine Brown tells her daughter to aim and then take off just like Elf. Then Ysabel did just that – right into her Sister Wives large-size Christmas tree. Christine did tell her to “do it” and to do it in “Elf style.” And… that she did.

The next time Christine’s voice is heard, she sounds like she in distress over Ysabel’s tree tackle. You can see why once Ysabel crashes into the tree with some force. This sends both Ysabel and the tree flying toward the window.

Sister Wives: Ysabel Brown Becomes One With the Tree

You don’t get to see the aftermath but this daughter of the Sister Wives tribe got one heck of a jar. Christine Brown has a shock-like response in her voice when she yells out to Ysabel Brown as the video cuts off.

Ysabel Brown is no little kid, she’s one of the Sister Wives teenagers. This probably wasn’t the best stunt for someone who’s not a certified stunt person.

The daughter of Kody Brown and Christine Brown is 16-years-old and turning 17 in March. She’s also a very tall young lady. So when she took a running jump and became one with that tree, it looked like something had to hurt.

Not to mention the poor tree. It looked as if the family took some time decorating for their Sister Wives holiday. But after Ysabel took a leap into it, the tree probably didn’t look the same.

Anyway… what was Christine Brown thinking? This Sister Wives mother not only allowed this to happen but she filmed Ysabel doing this as well? Then there’s little Truely Brown sitting there taking this in. She’s at an impressionable age.

Truely is also at an age where kids like to imitate their older siblings. It probably wasn’t the best pre-holiday family activity. So, what’s the moral of the story? Just maybe sometimes a parent needs to risk not being cool in their children’s eyes and just say no?

Season 14 of TLC’s Sister Wives rolls out their two-hour preview for Season 14 on Sunday, January 5.

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