‘Sister Wives’: Christine Brown on Blood-Type Diet – Hopes to Lure Kody Her Way?

Sister Wives star Christine Brown looks fabulous today as an army of online followers points out but they also ask how she lost the weight. The answer she offers might surprise her Sister Wives followers. Still, there’s no doubt about it, the third wife of Kody Brown has made quite the transition.

Compared to the early Sister Wives seasons, the Christine Brown you see today online looks much different. She appears as a much smaller version of herself than she did several years ago.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Weight Loss Goal Sparked By Shared Husband?

After watching the last season of Sister Wives, some theories about Christine and her weight loss popped up from fans. Especially after seeing her actions around Kody Brown on several of the episodes from that last season. Many fans think pleasing her shared husband just happens to be the end goal of her drastic change.

As a rule, Kody Brown doesn’t show any type of romantic affection with his wives in public. He also won’t offer a romantic gesture to one wife with any of the other three wives within eyesight. But that didn’t stop Christine Brown from making the moves on her husband a few times last season with Sister Wives cameras rolling.

As Christine moved in for an embrace from her shared husband, Kody Brown stiffened up. Then he looked up in the air and backed away. He appeared to offer a  frustrated reaction to Christine’s advances with the camera on. Christine Brown seems to dote on Kody Brown, more than the other three wives. You can see what looks like Kody feeling a bit agitated as Christine moves in for a hug in the photos below.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown - Kody Brown

He’s Hysterical – At Least to One Wife

When Kody cracks a joke, Christine is usually the first Sister Wives spouse to laugh. Even when the joke falls flat for Meri Brown, Janelle Brown, or Robyn Brown, Christine breaks into laughter. Sometimes she spouts an exaggerated laugh. The intensity of the laugh along with the length of time she keeps it up sometimes sounds forced.

When Kody walks into a room Christine Brown lights up. Suddenly she becomes animated around the Sister Wives shared husband and the fans take notice. So the consensus from some of the viewers is that Christine yearns for Kody’s attention.

It seems some fans see Christine’s weight loss as part of her plan to seduce the man she married. Many wives attempt to keep their partners interested by looking their best. But for Christine it’s different. She’s dealing with the competition of three other women.

So when Christine Brown recently posted a photo of herself in a dress, fans couldn’t say enough nice things about the way she looked. Questions also emerged wanting to know how she lost all that weight.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown

Sister Wives: What Determines Christine’s Weight Loss?

Christine Brown answered her fans and what she said surprised a lot of people. The Sister Wives reply also sent many fans scrambling to do a Google search. She said, “I eat for my blood type and work out.” What? Eat for your blood type, so what does that mean?

First of all, it is a diet, according to a Harvard publication. It’s called the Blood Type Diet but there’s no extensive research to say if the diet works or if the theorized science behind it is feasible. But Christine seems to be a living testament to the diet.

Bizarre-Sounding Diet Lacks Chocolate Cake

The theory behind it is to eat so you utilize the way your body digests food. Apparently, the theory suggests each blood type digests foods differently. So the diet is based on each blood type digesting some foods easier than others. It’s better to eat certain foods for the different blood types of A, B, O, or AB.

Eating the right foods for your blood type allows you to digest the food more thoroughly, according to the theory behind this diet. But before any of you Sister Wives followers get too excited, don’t expect miracles. Before you get your hopes up that your blood type may call for the intake of cupcakes, think again.

The same goes for chocolate, ice cream, and potato chips. They don’t appear under any of the categories for the Blood Type Diet. You still need to eat things like tofu, vegetables, and fish, no matter what blood type you have. Whatever it entailed, it looks like it worked well for Christine Brown.

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