‘Sister Wives’: Christine Brown Asked to Run for Office In Flagstaff – Car Confessions

Sister Wives star Christine Brown seems to be enjoying that Flagstaff air as she reports all types of activities from her new home in the mountains. Christine is the third wife of Kody Brown who became famous as a member of a plural marriage that plays out on TLC’s reality show Sunday nights.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Looking for Chickens and Politics?

Christine Brown is the wife who appears to dote on her husband more than the other wives when the Sister Wives cameras roll. Speaking of cameras rolling, this Kody Brown spouse does her own mini show on Instagram called “Car Confessions.” She’s been doing this for quite some time.

These car confessions entail Christine Brown behind the wheel of the car confessing one thing or another. These confessions range from bland to interesting to downright funny. She’s also the Sister Wives family member who seems to possess a great sense of humor.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown

Who Would Want Christine’s Stinky Garbage?

Christine’s latest car confessions range from wanting to raise chickens to her sharing how she’s prompted to run for office. Apparently, she’s talking about politics in the Sister Wives new home in Flagstaff. These car confessions consist of 20-second clips with Christine sharing her thoughts. It looks as if the intervals are anywhere from a week to a month apart.

One of the more comical car confessions has Sister Wives Christine talking about her stolen garbage. Not only did they take the junk she tossed out for the trash pickup but the garbage cans as well. It stumped her to think about why anyone would want her stinky trash.


Christine Brown – Career In Politics?

As far as running for office, don’t look for those posters to go up anytime soon around Flagstaff or on the Sister Wives show. It safe to say that the person who approached Christine Brown to get into politics doesn’t have much pull yet. And the reasons she’s asked to run has a hidden agenda to it as well.

The person pressuring Christine to put her hat in the ring when it comes to politics is her daughter Ysabel Brown. Finally, Christine Brown found out why her daughter is so insistent about her getting into office.

It seems Ysabel believes if her mom does run and win – she’ll be popular. When she becomes popular that gives her daughter a better chance of meeting Shawn Mendes. Apparently, Shawn Mendes is one of Ysabel’s favorite singers. Ah… there was a method to her daughter’s thoughts!

Sister Wives: Christine Brown - Kody Brown

Sister Wives: Snow Covered Car Confession

Then there’s a clip where Christine Brown stands outside her car. While the other car confessions happen while she’s behind the wheel, this one didn’t.

With her car covered in several feet of snow Christine films from outside her vehicle. From the hot sun in Las Vegas to the snow in the mountains, this is quite a change in climate for the Sister Wives clan. Still, it looks like wife number three for Kody Brown knows how to make the best of it!

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