‘Sister Wives’: Meri Brown Fans Protect Her But Christine’s Followers Let It Rip?

Sister Wives stars Meri Brown and Christine Brown have tons of followers. But, it seems Meri is treated differently by fans than her co-spouse. Meri Brown collected some 319,000 Instagram followers during her reality show journey. Her sister wife, Christine, accumulated less. Christine has 239,000 followers, which is still a sizable fan base.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown vs Christine Brown – Who Wore It Better?

Both of Kody Brown’s Sister Wives celebs demonstrate the tendency to post photos of themselves online modeling LuLaRoe’s attire. Both women sell the clothing line, with Meri appearing much more active in sales than Christine Brown.

People don’t need to be insulting when offering up a critique of a new outfit that either Sister Wives famous face presents to her fans. But they can at least be honest and nice at the same time. It seems critiques aimed at Meri Brown and the ones about Christine sound very different.

For some reason, fans tend to handle Meri Brown a little differently than they do Christine Brown. Two recent presentations, one from each of these Sister Wives women, seem to show the difference in fan handling. The first case in point is the Sister Wives matriarch’s latest post online. Meri strikes a pose while wearing a LuLaRoe jumpsuit.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown - Christine Brown

Emperor’s New Clothes Scene?

Meri Brown’s new jumpsuit is called Xoe and she hopped online to say she heard the new addition would be great. But Meri claims they didn’t say how amazing it would really be. While most Sister Wives followers offered compliments galore, a few had some questions about it. Like the fit and comfort of this article of clothing.

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It also looks like some fans just asked questions about Meri Brown’s camouflage jumpsuit in lieu of offering a compliment. Maybe they followed that old adage “if you can’t say something nice don’t say anything at all?”

But that’s not the case when Christine Brown modeled another LuLaRoe jumpsuit online. Many just flat out said this doesn’t work. Despite Christine attempting to dress it up with heels and a yellow beaded necklace people didn’t seem crazy about it. A few did suggest it looked nice on Christine, but the online consensus seemed to offer an overall thumbs down.

While these Sister Wives jumpsuits are far from hideous, it’s probably not the best look for either Meri or Christine Brown. But it’s odd how fans treated Meri Brown like she was out of that fairy tale, “The Emperor’s New Clothes”. It was as if the crowd mentality took over and people thought she looked exquisite.

Sister Wives: Fans Have Meri’s Back

Again, fans shower Meri with compliments galore and people told Christine Brown just as they see it… not her best look. Both women had on the same type of jumpsuit with the only difference noticeable being the fabric pattern. So why do people handle Meri differently than the other Sister Wives ladies?

Sister Wives enthusiasts didn’t always shelter Meri Brown the way they seem to today. But some fans believe during the previous few seasons that Meri received some cruel treatment from Kody Brown and her co-wives as well.

It seems for that reason, people have a tendency to have Meri’s back in a lot of situations. This could be the reason followers won’t take a chance at offering up a clothing critique in case it might hurt her feelings.

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Still, it’s hard to believe the jumpsuit that Meri models is everyone’s cup of tea. But you’d never know it by the comments of praise aimed at the post.

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