‘Sister Wives’: Meri Brown Shamed – Opens Can of Worms Luring Fans?

Sister Wives star Meri Brown seems to throw caution to the wind as some fans hop online to warn her she might be leading people astray. Meri Brown’s latest post starts out with the Sister Wives matriarch sharing her journey of newfound independence.

This appears so heartfelt that you might find yourself thinking Meri is leading up to a big announcement. Is she finally going out on her own and leaving the Brown clan behind? – No.

Sister Wives: Is Meri Brown Taking Advantage of Her Fan Base?

Instead of a heartfelt reveal, this leads up to an invitation. But it’s just to a few special Sister Wives enthusiasts out there. Which seems to really mean it’s for anyone with $499 to invest.

Then the next couple of lines almost sound like bait. Meri said that she’s shared her story with a few of her followers over the years. It sounds like now she’s offering to share it with you if you message her.

It starts to sound as if Meri Brown might be ready to divulge the direction of her Sister Wives life today. But no, that’s not where Meri Brown is headed.

Meri’s post ends up as a tribute to what LuLaRoe did for her life. It’s not all about the money claims Meri. Although this Sister Wives LuLaRoe sales associate did throw in a disclaimer about how the cash is nice too.

No, it’s not about her personal life with Kody Brown and her co-wives. Meri Brown is looking to recruit some of her followers from Sister Wives to take the LuLaRoe journey with her.

In other words, she’s reaching out to her fans to sign up to sell this clothing line just like she does. She’s also offering this at a spectacular price or at least Meri seems to think so.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown

LuLaRoe Affordable Today?

One Sister Wives fan chimed in to say that at one time to sell the LuLaRoe wares, you’d have to shell out $5,000. Apparently, fans seem to think that $5K as the original buy-in cost. But today Meri announces the cost is much more affordable. She wants her fans to message her if they’re interested because now it only costs $499.

While comments from a few fans indicated there’s some interest in signing up, other fans posted their disappointment. One fan sounded as if she offered a slight reprimand to Meri Brown for even attempting to lure her Sister Wives fans into this.

The comment starts out – “With all due respect” as it addresses Meri Brown’s offer to the Sister Wives followers. First, this fan points out how Meri is a celebrity with hundreds of thousand followers on her social media accounts. She also reminds Meri that she had an immediate customer base because of this.

As a “TV personality” people follow Meri Brown so her online posts act as free advertising for the first wife of Kody Brown. Then this commenter goes into the reports that anyone can easily access online. This includes the reports coming from regular people who’ve gone “bankrupt with this company” attempting to make money from sales.

Sister Wives: It Looks Like Pyramid Scheme With Meri at the Top?

Another person reminded Meri that the LuLaRoe sales model is referred to as a “pyramid scheme” with “multiple lawsuits going on”. Then it looks like the celebrity wife from Sister Wives is the target of a little bit of shame. The comment that describes the complaints about LuLaRoe ends with…  “and ur still trying to recruit more people?”

It’s surprising that Meri Brown would lure her fans into something like this if she didn’t believe it would work for them. So maybe Meri believes that this can work for the average housewife at home with a laptop? But the many complaints online coming from everyday people don’t seem to mirror that view.

So it looks like Meri Brown’s latest Sister Wives post disappointed some of her fans. If she recruits her fans to this “pyramid scheme” it would seem to indicate that she gets a piece of their sales.

People appear to trust Meri Brown. Especially her veteran fans who have been sideline cheerleaders for the original matriarch of the Sister Wives brood. She also seems to value her fans as well. So would she really lead them astray as some people suggest after reading her latest post?

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