Sister Wives: Is Christine Pushing Meri Away and Taking Wind Out of Janelle’s Sail?

Is Sister Wives star Christine Brown calling the shots today and pushing Meri Brown away while stepping on Janelle Brown‘s toes? It looks like a couple of the Kody Brown’s wives made their way to North Carolina for the birth of Maddie Brown Brush’s baby daughter. So far, there’s no news on the baby’s birth. But Maddie’s latest social media posts indicate she’s more than ready to bring another Brown family member into the world.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown is a Proud Grandmother

So far Janelle Brown and Christine Brown posted pictures of their time with Axel Brush, the first child of Maddie and Caleb Brush. Maddie Brown’s mother, Janelle Brown, started posting photos of the tot several days ago for her Sister Wives followers. It appears the biological grandmother-to-be arrived at Maddie and Caleb’s North Carolina home first.

But suddenly another one of Kody Brown’s spouses, Christine Brown, shows up online with Axel, so it seems she’s there as well. Christine is now seen in posts cuddling a sleeping Axel and playing with the tot as she puts on makeup. She also made a quick Instagram story video with him.

Christine Brown’s also telling her followers how proud she is of her grandson Axel and how he’s like heaven on earth. While the Sister Wives moms expressed their thoughts through the years how they consider all the kids their own, that’s hard to fathom for some fans.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown - Axel Brush - Meri Brown

Christine Brown Wants to Be Proud Grandmother Too?

Over the decade of Sister Wives seasons, viewers of the show didn’t always buy that shared mom strategy. It’s hard to believe that the moms didn’t favor their biological kids from time to time. Christine Brown, who is all about family, does appear to be overwhelming at times. Especially when it comes to a special event, like the birth of a baby.

Janelle Brown went to North Carolina to help out and to spend time with her biological grandson, Axel. Now that Christine Brown is there, it looks as if she’s got her attention focused on Axel as well.

Janelle hasn’t posted a photo of Axel in a few days, so did Christine take over things during this visit? If so, Janelle would never say so. The second Sister Wives to join the family seems to stand back and let things unfold without causing friction.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Went that Route Once

When all the “moms” attended Maddie’s home birth of Axel, Kody’s wife Meri Brown felt left out. She arrived in time, but found everyone behind a closed door of the bedroom. So, she left. Christine later told her she was almost glad she wasn’t there because she brings baggage with her into a room. That Sister Wives scene caused an uproar online among the viewers.

It doesn’t appear Meri is there for Maddie’s second birth. But she may feel pressure from some of the other family members to join them. Her latest post sounds like a cryptic message. Fans of this Sister Wives spouse notice a tendency for Meri to express herself in quotes lately. This time around, she quoted a message that has to do with following your heart.

The post suggests no matter which way you feel pulled or how much pressure you get to go in a direction, stay true to your instincts. Meri tried to attend Maddie’s last birth and she didn’t feel welcomed.

Then it seems Christine validated that feeling for Meri. Shortly after the baby was born, Christine suggested it’s better without Meri there. So is Christine Brown running the next big event for the Sister Wives tribe? And… is she taking the wind out of the sails for Janelle Brown and keeping Meri Brown away with her previous words?

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