‘Sister Wives’: Meri Brown Under Fire But Clapping Back Looks Effortless

Sister Wives star Meri Brown shines with independence today and her fans applaud her. Veteran Sister Wives viewers know all too well how much of Meri’s adult life left her little room for independence. Meri’s lifestyle didn’t allow for the things that other people take for granted in life, like a spouse to call all their own.

Sister Wives: The Shared Life of Meri Brown

Yes, Meri spent most of her life as an adult sharing her husband, her only child, and even a household with other women. Before Robyn Brown joined the family, Meri Brown, Janelle Brown, and Christine Brown all shared one home with Kody Brown. But times have changed and where she stands within the Sister Wives family today still stirs up speculation online.

Meri Brown celebrates her independence and her new lifestyle in recent posts online. She also contributes much of her newfound exciting life to her career. But this rubs some people the wrong way.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown

Naysayers Step In

Recent posts from the Sister Wives matriarch indicate happiness about her success. Since Meri Brown stepped into the world of LuLaRoe, a company that sells clothing online, she’s found a new way of life.

As a sales consultant for LuLaRoe, Meri worked her way to a top earner. Because of this, she enjoys many perks that the company offers, like the recent cruise she went on.

When Meri recently posted a tribute-like message to her career online, fans were quick to comment. While most of the Sister Wives followers applauded her new life, which awards her independence, some fans bashed the company she works for.

Sister Wives: Pyramid Scheme Backlash

Some of the fans who follow the Sister Wives entrepreneur on social media took the opportunity to slam LuLaRoe on her latest post. Reports over the last year suggest LuLaRoe isn’t much more than a pyramid scheme with people investing in the products only to lose money.

LuLaRoe allows their associates two ways to earn money. One is by selling their articles of clothing online. But they also promote each of their sales associates to recruit more sales associates.

The recruits work under the people who recruited them to LuLaRoe and part of their sales commissions go to the person who brought them into the company. So it stands to reason the more people you recruit, the more money you make.

The Sister Wives celeb looks to be in a great position for success in both the sales and recruiting pieces of LuLaRoe. Her fame from the Sister Wives show lets her reach almost 300,000 people with the click of a keyboard. Meri Brown gathered almost 300K followers on her Instagram page.

Resources Galore and Hard Work

While Meri Brown found success with LuLaRoe, others have not. It seems one of the problems starts with purchasing the inventory before the sales associate puts anything online for sale.

This caused problems for some people who paid out of pocket for their inventory but were unable to sell the items. It seems the unsold inventory resulted in them losing money since they already paid for it. Reports indicate making headway financially really depends upon the number of people you recruit to work you and their ability to make sales.

Again in Meri’s case, she has the resource of hundreds of thousands of social media followers. While she can pull both sales and recruits from this resource, the average person doesn’t have this number of followers. Still, it seems Meri worked hard to become one of the top earners.

This is evident from not only her posts online but during Sister Wives episodes as well. Last season Meri talked referred to pulling late nights to get her orders filled. The cameras also caught a few rooms in her Vegas home filled with racks and boxes of LuLaRoe inventory.

Sister Wives: Meri Quietly Battles the Critics

Meri Brown, much like her other Sister Wives spouses, doesn’t clap back at critics or battle with the critics online. But she seems to use a strategy when critics and naysayers embark on a bashing campaign. It’s almost as if she kills them with kindness. When a recent post of Meri saying goodbye to her dog Mosby got twisted into something it wasn’t, Meri did something unexpected.

Meri took Mosby back home to Flagstaff with her this summer while her daughter Mariah Brown traveled. Meri Brown posted a short clip saying goodbye to the dog when it was time for Mosby to leave Flagstaff and go back home to Chicago. But it got twisted into Meri saying goodbye to Flagstaff and her Sister Wives tribe. Instead of fighting fire with fire, Meri offered kudos for the creativity that went into twisting that video into her leaving the state for good.

It looks like Meri battles the LuLaRoe Critics in much the same way. She won’t address their negative comments but she continues to praise LuLaRoe to the hilt. In her most recent post, Meri reminds her followers all she’s gained since joining the LuLaRoe family. It looks as if Meri Brown learned to clap back by ignoring the negative comments and clapping back with an outlook that’s just the opposite. Yes, you can say she claps back with kindness.

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