‘Sister Wives’: Meri Brown Reveals Someone New – Then Posts Wedding Cake Pic

Sister Wives star Meri Brown made an announcement to her followers today that there’s someone new in her life and he’s “amazing”. With that, she posts a picture of a wedding cake. This seems to give fans the hint the divorced Sister Wives matriarch has found a man of her own – or not.

No grass grows under Meri Brown’s feet when it comes to business. It seems she missed her calling as she has the marketing skills big companies would love to snatch up. But this Sister Wives celeb is using those skills today for her own benefit.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Has Someone New in Her Life – But She’ll Sell Him to You

This latest post covers two things. She throws in a sales pitch and at the same time she gets to nicely jab the people out there starting chatter about her life that just isn’t true. The Sister Wives spouse baited her fans in a long video announcement revealing someone new and special in her life.

As each message passed by the screen it drew closer and closer to the reveal of “Hudson”. Yep, Meri Brown is excited to have Hudson in her life.

He travels with her and he’s fun to be with, writes Meri Brown. But most of all, Hudson is just a great fit for this Sister Wives lady. While all Hudson’s finer qualities roll out on the screen in her new video for fans to read, you wait for his picture.

Then Meri Brown unveils Hudson, and in the picture, she’s standing alone. It seems she’s wearing Hudson or at least the attire from the LuLaRoe line of clothes bearing that name. Kody Brown’s wife then posts a laughing emoji and asks her followers if they thought Hudson was a new guy in her life. He’s not.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown

Meri Reels Them In

Well, it might have started out looking like Meri Brown had a new man for Sister Wives fans. But once Meri worked her new “Hudson” up so much, he sounded too good to be true. And… he was, because Hudson is a style of clothes Meri likes. She’s plugging the new line with a video but as fans watch, they believe she’s about to unveil her new man.

Well, you can’t blame the Sister Wives entrepreneur for having fun with this. After all, people have been saying she’s got a new man for ages now. Every time she appears with a male who’s unknown to the fans, she’s got herself a new man in the headlines. This time Meri spins one out herself for her followers.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown

Sister Wives: Takes Opportunity to Make Twisted Lemonade

So you can’t blame her for taking those lemons and making lemonade sales with the chatter. Whatever Meri Brown’s sales strategy is, it seems to work for her. She is a superstar among the Lularoe salespeople.

LuLaRoe awards their top sales associates with trips and cruises and this Sister Wives sales associate has had her share of trips. So this latest video posts seems to kill two birds with one stone. She claps back at the spinners of chatter out there with a new man-like announcement.

Who Says Kody Brown Is the Money Brains In the Brown Family?

Once Meri Brown hooks her Sister Wives fans in on the video, she throws in the sales pitch for Hudson. Oh, and they say Kody Brown has the financial brains in the family? It looks like Meri is running circles around him right now when it comes to bringing home the bacon.

While Meri credits her new independent outlook with the opportunities awarded to her by the LuLaRoe company, she might be selling herself short. She has a lot to do with her own success. Finding niches like introducing the Hudson line as if he were a new man is just one creative way she’s found to make sales. As her fans say, “Go Meri Brown!”

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