‘Sister Wives’: Meri Brown Big Earner at Lularoe – But Truth-Stretched On Latest Trip

Sister Wives star Meri Brown just left Flagstaff for another adventure which entails the first wife of Kody Brown checking into a hotel. From the looks of things, she’s alone as she shows her Sister Wives followers the view from her hotel room. It looks like Meri Brown enjoys the fruits of her Lularoe labor once again as she enjoys some fun time with colleagues at another business event.

Sister Wives Meri Brown a Victim of Exaggeration?

it seems the Sister Wives matriarch was promised one thing but got another this time around. Meri Brown took to Instagram to relay her disappointment by sharing a vision of the circumstances. So what’s up with Meri?

This fan-favorite from the Sister Wives show is at another Lularoe gathering today. But when she made her hotel reservations she was promised a “pool-view room”. At least Meri still has her sense of humor. As she shares a video of her hotel room’s view with her fans, you can see that promise was stretched. But she laughs.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown


 No, It’s Not a Puddle

The video shows nothing but big gray rooftops, which is what this traveling Sister Wives spouse’s room overlooks. There’s not a refreshing-looking pool to be found out her window. But wait… she might find one yet.

Meri Brown continues to make a video of the view and pans the camera it in one direction. Still, the gray rooftops take up the screen. When she finally rounds the corner at one end of the outside view, there it is.

So that room does give Meri Brown a view to the pool after all. Except it looks like a tucked away puddle in the far-off distance. Not to mention the people in that pool are the size of ants from that distance away. But Meri laughs as she calls this her pool view.

It looks like this Sister Wives co-star is a victim of someone stretching the truth. Sure she can see the pool but she’s probably going to sprain her neck looking for it off the balcony of her room.  So What’s Meri up to these days?

Sister Wives: Top Earner for Clothing Line

Today this star of Sister Wives is away somewhere for another LuLaroe event. The pictures with some of the other Lularoe representatives started to roll out already. Meri usually snaps selfies with her Lularoe co-representitives when at an event like this. Then she posts them online and that seems to be the case today.

While it’s not known just what Meri takes in from her Lularoe sales, she’s reportedly one of their top earners. Evidence is clear after all the perks awarded her. Reports estimate that she has the potential to sell a few hundred thousand dollars of merchandise each year.

As it explains in the video above, to qualify for the cruise perk you need to make a sales quota of over $12,000 or more each month for four consecutive months. That was the quota back in 2017. So it may have grown since then. Kody Brown’s first wife, Meri, went on that cruise two years in a row. Or so it appears from her posts. If she can make $12K or more every month, well, you can do the math. Meri Brown started selling the Lularoe line of clothes back in 2016.

Meri Brown in Lularoe Glory

So far this year Meri Brown attended several Lularoe events including a cruise. She made a promise to herself that she’s rewarding a few of her Lularoe customers by taking them on a cruise next time around.

Well, she’s headed out on another cruise in October but this time she also invited her Sister Wives die-hard fans and Lularoe customers to join her. A few lucky Lularoe customers will join Meri as her guests but there’s also room for fans to pay their own way on this cruise.

Meri offered up all the information including date, length of cruise, and the travel agency handling the cruise. See all the details here for Meri Brown’s cruise. So, it looks like some die-hard Sister Wives fans get to spend some time with Meri Brown on the high seas.

A new season of the TLC show Sister Wives is filming today, according to a few members of the Brown clan. While it sounds like the show will go on, the date of the season premiere is still under wraps.

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