‘Sister Wives’: Meri Brown Fire Sale Hosed Down By Angry Fans Online

Sister Wives star Meri Brown has been keeping fans informed on the Flagstaff wildfire but at the same time offering a Lularoe fire sale. This fire sale didn’t go over well with some fans and they’ve taken to the online world to say so. Meri Brown did actually call this a fire sale.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Goes Too Far?

The Brown family matriarch also asked her fans to “help me, help you” with the bargains she offered. Instead of Meri Brown putting the stuff in storage as the wildfire neared, she’d rather ship it out to fans at sale prices, which is how she basically addressed this sale.

While viewers worried about Meri in the path of the Flagstaff wildfire, she got her sales pitch going.  As the fire threatened wildlife and homes, people let Meri Brown know she demonstrated inappropriate behavior by offering a fire sale. Sister Wives‘ Meri reported that she, herself packed up her valuables. She was ready to go once they put her area on pre-evacuation notice.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown

Meri Comes Up With Fire Sale Pitch for Fans

Her last report today indicates while the fire still burns, the evacuation warnings lifted. That, she’s thankful for she tells her Sister Wives fans. But some of the fans aren’t feeling very warm and fuzzy toward Meri today after attempting to use the fire as a way to make bank.

Since Sunday when the fire first broke out, Meri Brown has kept her Sister Wives followers up to date on the Flagstaff wildfire. She posted photos from outside her window showing billowing smoke. She took a video clip of a helicopter flying over the wildfire area.

Then, on Monday Meri Brown did pretty much the same. But come Tuesday, the authorities deemed her area the pre-evacuation zone for this wildfire. Because of that she was gathering up her valuables and getting ready. She packed in case she had to flee her home.

Sister Wives: Instead of Packing – Let Me Send Lularoe to You?

As you can see by Meri’s posts above she worded it nicely. Asking fans to help her and in turn, she’d help them. Apparently, she offered sales on her Lularoe line and as you can see above, this Sister Wives entrepreneur dubbed it a fire sale. It looks like Meri’s “Clear My Shop Fire Sale” post allowed her to ask the fans to lessen the load she’d have to pack.

Sister Wives veteran watchers have seen the supply of Lularoe clothes Meri Brown keeps at home. They’ve seen her bag them, box them, and get them ready to send out. So there’s no doubt her home holds quite a bit of inventory.

From all accounts, Meri worked hard and she’s made a success of herself with the Lularoe sales. For sure her celebrity status helps pave the way for some of the sales. Fans never minded this popular Sister Wives spouse using that fame to sell her products. But this time around it’s different.

First of all, fans worried about her proximity to this wildfire. While they did that, she was busy throwing  a fire sale. Some fans saw this as just way over the line.

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