‘Sister Wives’: Meri and Christine Suddenly In Competition?

Sister Wives stars Meri Brown and Christine Brown look like they’re in competition these days but is Kody Brown behind this in any way? It’s not been easy for some fans of the show to believe four women can share one man. But to be able to do so in harmony even after a few decades together is hard to swallow for some Sister Wives enthusiasts.

So what’s going on with Sister Wives number one and number three today? It looks like Christine and Meri might be vying for Kody Brown’s attention. But doing this by taking a different approach. Maybe their plan of attack has to do with something that seems near and dear his heart. What might that be for the Sister Wives patriarch? In a word – finances.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown and Co-Wife Christine Brown Vie For Kody’s Attention?

First of all, the four women who share Kody Brown admitted that jealousy surfaces now and then. But they’ve also claimed they’ve been able to live with it. That’s according to the Sister Wives spouses themselves. They’ve said this during previous interviews through the many seasons of the show.

Meri Brown, Janelle Brown, Christine Brown, and Robyn Brown not only shared Kody Brown but much more than that over their time together as a family. The women shared raising all the kids.

They’ve also shared all the daily chores like preparing family meals. They take care of just about all the family’s needs, which is a gigantic amount of work. Especially when almost two dozen people make up one family.

.Sister Wives: Kody Brown


Married to Kody Brown – That Means Sharing In All Things?

While the Sister Wives women shared the tasks of daily life, what was Kody Brown’s job in all of this? Reports indicate he registered his business in the state of Nevada in 2011. It was under the name of Kody Brown Family Entertainment, LLC. This registration was valid until 2018.

Then, it looks like the same name was used in Nevada in 2019. So, the business is active once again. Sister Wives viewers learned over the 13 seasons of the TLC show that this family pools their monetary resources.

When Meri opened Lizzie’s Heritage Inn on her own, that was one bone of contention. The family wanted Meri to consider this part of the family’s holdings but she wasn’t about to share.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown - Meri Brown

Sister Wives: Family Cookie Jar

The B&B was Meri Brown’s alone. Especially after all the friction from the family over buying the property. No, Meri stood firm, she went solo. She did it without the other Sister Wives adults on that one.

So, from the way the Sister Wives spouses explained their finances, it’s a shared deal. The family’s many side gigs that come with a paycheck get pooled into a family account.

lt also looks as if Kody is always on the lookout for more paying gigs. That became evident when he posted a shout out to Whole Foods. He asked them for a commercial, posting his request on his Twitter account. In the video below from a few years back, the Sister Wives clan sorts out a new business that’s not doing well.

Attention In Paychecks?

Meri Brown is probably the most famous LuLaRoe sales associate the company has under its belt. But Christine Brown also sells the LuLaRoe clothing line as well. Fans of Meri Brown see the first wife of the Sister Wives tribe strike a pose in the clothing online almost daily.

She’s very active in selling the attire and from all reports she’s been successful at doing so. While Christine Brown pops up now and then to say that she sells LuLaRoe too, she doesn’t seem as aggressive when attempting sales online as Meri Brown. That is until lately.

It looks as if recently Christine took her cue from Meri. As she not only poses in LuLaRoe clothes, but she’s plugging them online as well. She recently held a sale online and asked her followers to tune in. So, it looks like Christine is picking up her game and giving Meri competition.

But just what does this competition bring – dueling paychecks? After decades of marriage to the same man is this the way the Sister Wives ladies get Kody’s attention these days?

While the Sister Wives brood seems to afford all the finer things in life, people still can’t fathom where all their money comes from. With Kody putting each wife in a luxury home and at least two new cars in every driveway, what’s the secret formula?

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