‘Sister Wives’: Is Kody Brown’s Job Hidden in Plain Sight?

Sister Wives star Kody Brown seems to support four households consisting of almost two dozen family members along with college tuitions and elaborate weddings. Still, he hasn’t had to sell his fancy sports car or his motorcycle to pay for things.

So where is all this cashola coming from? Even with the Sister Wives show salaries, Kody Brown and his family probably still need much more to support all the things seen on the show. Fans suggest it couldn’t possibly be enough to support the luxury seen all around them.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Has Luxury Digs and Throws Lavish Weddings

They don’t have housing, they have luxury digs on Sister Wives. They don’t just have transportation, they ride in new cars. It seems anyone driving in the Kody Brown household has a fairly new car under their keesters. Reports indicate TLC pays their reality show cast members about 10 percent of the money they put out to produce the show.

According to reports, this rounds out to about $375,000 annually for the combined Kody Brown and his wives. It looks like he manages the family finances from the show, as well as his wives’ combined incomes.

He did this under the company name of Kody Brown Family Entertainment, LLC for several years. It apparently worked well for the Sister Wives members so far, as they seem to want for nothing. But how do they pay for college tuitions, these royal family-like weddings, and the vacations to Disneyland?

Kody Brown: Income Hidden in Plain Sight

So where does Kody get all this money to manage, which seems to be his full-time job? The answer is in plain sight on Instagram. It may be subtle, but it’s there. First of all, it appears that every kid in the Sister Wives DNA pool who attends college right now is promoting one product or another.

They pose for pics with boxes filled with products. Some give shout-outs for their favorite go-to energy drinks. While the product placement might be subtle, it seems to be there for a reason.

You’d be hard pressed to find a Kody Brown family member enrolled in college not peddling something via advertising on their personal social media sites. That goes double for the adults who make up this Sister Wives plural marriage.

Sister Wives: Subtle Placements

Meri Brown’s B&B, Lizzie’s Heritage Inn looks so inviting on its website. But take a closer look at the captions. See that comfy-looking bed welcoming potential customers to a stay of old fashion relaxation? Those sheets have a brand name and Kody Brown’s wife, Meri Brown, is plugging them.

LuLaRoe clothing line seems to play a big part in the Sister Wives family. Meri, Christine, and a few of the adult kids sell the LuLaRoe products. But it’s the endorsements on their personal sites that probably bring them in some good money.

Many times, it looks like another one of Kody’s Sister Wives, Christine Brown. is just showing off her nails. But, at the same time, she holds cans of soft drinks. They’re positioned just right so you can see the full label.

Kody Brown’s kids usually don’t get much airtime. But it seems right before each Brown offspring’s wedding in the last few years the engaged couple suddenly had starring roles on Sister Wives.

The weddings, especially Aspyn Brown Thompson’s wedding, just bubbled over with extravagance. The Brown brides allowed the TLC cameras in on the preparations as well as their wedding day. Is this where the money comes to pay for lavish weddings?

So are the TLC folks filming the two getting ready for their nuptials? It sounds like it’s Mariah’s turn this coming season to highlight her wedding and the preparations. Does allowing Sister Wives to film help fray the cost of these pricey things – weddings and college?

Kody Brown Goes Fishing All Day?

If so Mariah is working double time as she’s promoting her favorite drink from her undergrad days on her Instagram site. So how does Kody Brown figure into all this? One hint is found when he gave a shout-out to Whole Foods on social media suggesting they film him as he shops there. He’s said from time to time that he also has a job online in advertising.

Is this his online career? Does Kody fish for products and then reel in the endorsement gigs for his family members? Just take a look at the social media posts of the Sister Wives brood. They’ve got all kinds of products to share with you. So maybe this is how Kody is able to put on a huge wedding, fit for royalty.

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